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Petersburgh resident Vallis Goodermote is the founder of new local business Aunt Bonnie’s. Through this new CBD store, she is on a mission to help other women feel better without pharmaceuticals. More information is available online at AuntBonnies.com.

1. What is Aunt Bonnie’s?

“Aunt Bonnies is an online health and wellness company delivering high-quality and organic CBD products directly to your door. We focus on women who need help managing sleeplessness, pain, and relieving excess worry.

“Aunt Bonnie’s was named after a friend’s Aunt Bonnie, a local Capital Region woman. The real Aunt Bonnie is in her 70s and knows the importance of practicing health and wellness daily. Her mornings are active with hiking, swimming, or kayaking and the afternoons are filled with self-care activities like relaxing with a glass of wine, gardening or reading a magazine while enjoying the sunshine. She serves as a reminder of the importance of self-care for a fulfilled and healthy life … and yes she uses our CBD lotion on her plantar fasciitis.”

2. What types of products do you offer?

“Our product line is focused on premium, organic, full-spectrum hemp. We offer CBD oil in a starter strength for women who have never tried CBD and extra strength for the advanced user. We also have an organic lavender hemp lotion, CBD supplements, gummies, flower, and pet products.”

3. Why did you decide to start this endeavor?

“I discovered CBD during COVID. I was home virtual schooling the kids and also trying to fulfill my freelance work. During the day I could feel my patience running low and the nights would be filled with worry and it was difficult to turn my thoughts off so I could sleep. A friend recommended CBD and I found it to be incredibly beneficial.

“I loved that it was a natural product as I am hesitant to take pharmaceuticals.”

4. What is your ultimate goal for the company?

“After I experienced how helpful CBD was I couldn’t believe more people didn’t know about it or use it. I wanted to be a part of this industry to help other women feel better. There is a bit of a stigma attached to CBD and I want to help educate people on the natural benefits of hemp to end the stigma around CBD.

“Aunt Bonnie’s will eventually expand into other natural products for women.”

5. How can people learn more about Aunt Bonnie’s and your products?

“While we hope to expand into stores, we are currently available online at AuntBonnies.com.”

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