Are CBD Cat Treats Good For Your Pet?

Let’s be honest. Your cat is basically a family member. Your sweet tiny ball of fur is there by your side when you watch a movie, when you want to get something off your chest, and when you need a good snuggle from someone that loves you. That’s why you’d go to any length to ensure your cat’s wellbeing, including routine vet visits, vaccinations, and thorough grooming.

CBD for cats is something that a lot of pet owners are aware of, but they seem to have doubts about whether to use it on their pets or not. People use CBD oil to treat a variety of illnesses, like pain, depression, and anxiety. Furthermore, it could be used to treat similar problems in your pets.

CBD is derived from the compound cannabidiol, which is present in hemp. However, it is sometimes confused with THC, which has psychoactive properties. To put it another way, CBD won’t get you or your pet high as THC does. In fact, it will offer a slew of health benefits that plenty of other chemically-engineered pills won’t. Learn more from this link

This means that products laced with it could be extremely beneficial to your cat. The simplest (and potentially best) way to begin incorporating CBD into your cat’s diet is by using CBD treats.

Forget about joint pain and arthritis

Previously, it was thought that dogs had a higher risk of developing arthritis; however, new research has also shown that cats develop arthritis just as often as canines, with older cats having a higher risk. According to a 2011 survey, 63% of felines aged six or older have arthritis in at least one joint, and 84% of them aged fourteen to fifteen years suffer from arthritis and experience pain all over their bodies.

This can result in reduced mobility, persistent discomfort, a lack of energy, and various other unpleasant symptoms. Though aging is unavoidable, CBD can help to alleviate the symptoms.

CBD, which is high in anti-inflammatory properties, can minimize inflammation while also preventing it from spreading. Furthermore, researchers discovered that CBD can reduce pain perception by stimulating and minimizing the vanilloid receptor of the brain. Click here for more.

Alleviating stress and anxiety

Our cats, like people, will experience varying degrees of stress and anxiety, as well as several of the same unpleasant side effects. Changes in their climate, fights with other animals, bad human-cat relationships, and health issues or anomalies are all everyday stressors for pets.

Although mild stress can turn your cat into Mr. Grumpy Cat for a whole day, long-term stress may cause health problems, behavior problems, poor grooming habits, loss of appetite, and a variety of other issues.

Owners are often unaware that their cats are stressed, which only makes the problem worse. If you don’t take measures right away, the issue only gets bigger from then on. CBD has been shown in studies to reduce anxiety and stress by modulating cortisol development and affecting mood-regulating and neurological activity receptors in the brain. In other words, you should definitely consider CBD treats for your pet if you notice that it is experiencing anxiety.

Increasing appetite

Though your cat shouldn’t indulge in food as much as Garfield, maintaining a consistent eating schedule is essential for their wellbeing. Appetite loss can be caused by several causes, like dental issues, mood issues, and a variety of medical conditions.

Your cat’s lack of appetite simply indicates that he or she is not feeling well. Once you’ve determined that your cat has an eating problem, try to figure out what’s causing it. The problem could be triggered by a mood or health issue, or it can result from a diet change. Cats shouldn’t eat the same thing repeatedly, but you should also pay attention to what you feed them.

While the cause of the problem can differ, CBD may help boost your cat’s appetite and offer relief for various issues, including mood disorders, hormonal imbalances, stress, and even IBS.

Therefore, these calming treats for cats can serve as the perfect meal plan for your pet because they are tasty, crunchy, and, most importantly, can restore your cat’s appetite.

Improving mood

While the picture of the “Grumpy Cat” has become a meme on the internet, it could be a significant issue triggered by a lack of energy, hormonal imbalances, or other deep-rooted problems. No pet should be grumpy every single day.

CBD can improve your pet’s mood-related problems by alleviating issues such as health problems, anxiety, and agitation. It can also interact with receptors in the brain that control mood and hormone production, resulting in a synergistic effect that helps the body maintain homeostasis. You can say goodbye to your grumpy furry friend once it has its first taste of CBD treats!

Reducing epileptic seizures

Cats, like people, can develop epilepsy and suffer from seizures of varying degrees of severity and frequency. Seizures happen when the brain’s electrochemical activity is abnormally high, and they’re usually triggered by head trauma or other factors.

Although there is still a lot of research to be done on CBD for the treatment of epileptic seizures in cats, there have been a growing number of studies on the topic with very impressive outcomes. Probably one of the best studies is a 2015 report published by the American Epilepsy Society, which found that CBD was successful in reducing seizure occurrence and intensity, with a rate of 45,2%.

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