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Cannabis is a plant that produces euphoric effects and has medicinal importance. However, weed is capable of developing addiction in its users and belongs to controlled drug Class B. 

Cultivation, marketing, and other cannabis dealings occur according to the rules set by state law. Opposing state law for the marketing, production, and sales of cannabis is punishable by the state. Punishment is either in the form of imprisonment or a large fine or both. 

Moreover, for initiating any business activity involving weed, it is essential to seek permission from authorities. The government maintains a record of the individuals that are part of any activity involving weed. Furthermore, specific locations are approved by the government for the cultivation of marijuana. 

Due to the higher risk of drug abuse and the development of dependency in users of cannabis, the government maintains strict checks and control over its sales and manufacturing. 

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Developing New Policies For Cannabis

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors proposes new policies to improve economic access and social equity in the weed industry. The final decision occurs on Wednesday by voting, with four votes in favor and one in opposition to the new set of policies. 

Board Chairmen Nathan Fletcher and Nora Vargas proposed various alterations to the ordinance. According to them, the change in ordinance is a strong step forward. However, Supervisor Jim Desmond opposes the changes in the previous policies. 

According to Fletcher’s office, the new set of policies will develop during the next six months, and implementation or final decision will occur after taking approval of the community. 

Previously, some communities have been prohibited from being involved in any type of cannabis-business, by the criminal justice system. Moreover, the limitations were part of the war against drugs. According to Fletcher, now is the time to undo past mistakes and provide social equity in the weed industry.  

Furthermore, the new policies will control the illegal cultivation and sale of cannabis. According to Fletcher, the current illegal-sale of unlicensed operations with unsafe products is occurring in unincorporated areas. Moreover, such activities negatively affect those cultivators that are doing legal-activities. 

What Are The New Policies For The Cannabis Industry?

The new set of policies aims to develop social equity at the center of the cannabis permitting program. Moreover, the new ordinance allows the cultivation or farming of cannabis in large-cultivatable lands leading to the expansion of agricultural businesses involving weed. 

Furthermore, communities that were-unable to involve themselves in the weed industry are no longer under restrictions and can participate in cannabis industry activities. Besides, the labor-peace agreements will generate good job opportunities. 

As part of the new policies, it is mandatory to cultivate and carry cannabis sales at a distance from schools, worship places, and areas of children or family gatherings. 

According to Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer, illegal cannabis activities need to be controlled, as operations involving alcohol and cigarettes are regulated. Moreover, she adds that these policies will generate new job opportunities and control unlawful practices in the cannabis industry.  

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What Do Other Authority Members Have to Say?

Desmond opposed the new policies, and according to him, now is not the time to encourage business activities of a drug that can cause physical and mental impairment. After two hours of discussion on the set of policies proposed by Fletcher, voting occurs. 

The new set of policies will enable the expansion of farming and manufacturing of cannabis. Moreover, the ordinance changes will improve retail opportunities and create jobs in unincorporated areas of the county. 

Many agree with the new policies, yet opposing members highlight the potential risk of increased teen drug abuse. Moreover, new policies will increase public safety problems. The ordinance changes proposed by Fletcher and Vargas receive the support of multiple groups, including the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. 

The new policy is part of Fletcher’s plan, which aims to prioritize communities and populations which have been left behind previously.


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