Best CBD Vape Cartridges To Buy In 2021

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Cartridges are an effective and convenient way of consuming CBD. A cartridge is a small cylindrical vape tank filled with CBD Oil. Having an amazing vaping experience requires you to invest in the highest quality vape cartridges available.

Consuming your cannabis through vaping is considered one of the healthiest ways since it has minimal health effects and gives you a smooth experience.

Cartridges come in different flavors and strains so you will be able to choose from a variety of options. There are numerous brands in the market today that are selling vape cartridges. Selecting the best brand with the highest quality vape cartridges can be a hustle.

To make it easier for you, we extensively researched and came up with the 5 best vape cartridges you can select from.

Top 5 CBD Vape Cartridge Brands:

1. Savage CBD – Best Overall & Editor’s Pick
2. Funky Farms – Affordable Range
3. Just CBD – Best in Variety
4. Extract Labs – Different Cannabinoids
5. Secret Nature CBD – Wide Variety

Our Criteria for Choosing the CBD Cartridges

• The Ingredients Used

Most CBD consumers prefer vape cartridges made from all-natural products. Artificial ingredients may leave adverse health effects on consumers, such as causing lung problems.

One great way to check your vape cartridge’s credibility is to confirm the ingredients used to create it. It is important to understand what will get into your body as a consumer.

We did the hard work for you and ensured that the carts we mentioned in our list have their ingredients information clearly on display either on their website or package.

Avoid purchasing vape cartridges with artificial flavors or additives since they may negatively affect your lungs or other body organs.

• The Reviews from Customers

Reading the reviews and ideas of other consumers regarding a product before purchasing it is very crucial. Knowing what the exact customers are saying about the vape cartridge will let you know whether the product is great or not.

With very many vape carts in the market, it is difficult to select the highest quality. It is therefore not a surprise to look for authentic reviews to allow you to decide if you should buy the specific product or not. But this can be a hustle, especially if you have a ton of products to vet.

Therefore, we decided to make it easier for you and only select the vape cartridges with positive reviews from consumers.

• Pricing

This is another crucial factor to consider before buying a vape cartridge. We all have different budgets and should not be graded on one level. It is unnecessary to break the bank trying to purchase a product beyond your reach if there are those that are way below or within your budget.

For this reason, we selected cartridges of different price ranges, and we believe you will find something for yourself.

Our Top 5 Best CBD Vape Cartridges To Buy In 2021

Let’s first all agree that there are numerous vape cartridges in the market, and it will be a challenge to find exactly one that satisfies all your needs. It, however, doesn’t require professional expertise to select the best vape cart for you.

You just need to understand the basic parameters required, and we have put them in place for you to make your work easier.

#1. Savage CBD – Best Overall & Editor’s Pick

• Brand Overview

Savage CBD vape cartridge is a product of the widely known Savage CBD company headquartered in Irvine, California.

With the easy availability of all their products’ lab test results, you can be assured that this company indeed produces vape carts that are safe and good for your health.

Savage CBD vape cartridges are a great way to spice up your vaping game. They are of very high quality and have amazing flavors in addition to their high potency.

It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur in the vaping industry or have been doing it for more than a decade; Savage CBD vape carts are for anyone.

The cartridges come in 3 different flavors that are loved and praised by their consumers:

The Strawberry Citrus Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge

This flavor of Savage CBD is mixed with Full spectrum CBD to give you the greatest flavor possible with all-natural terpenes and CBD suspended in this perfected Ejuice recipe.

It is best recommended to use this flavor with a pen-style battery with a built-in airflow.

Make sure to heat it at 3.5-3.8 Volts to get the most use out of it.

Pineapple Blast Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge

It comes with the greatest flavor possible with all-natural CBD and terpenes. The ingredients used for this flavor are terpenes and hemp extract.

It is most suitably used with a pen-style battery having an in-built airflow. Consider using a low voltage or wattage with this product.

Natural Full Spectrum CBD Cartridge

The natural full-spectrum CBD cartridge flavor is infused with full-spectrum CBD to offer you the greatest possible flavor having organic terpenes and CBD.

It is also created using hemp extracts and terpenes and requires a pen-style battery with built-in airflow.

For you to get the most out of the flavor, use a low voltage or wattage.

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• They are easy to use. Simply screw the cartridge into a compatible vape pen battery, and you’ll be good to go!
• They have undergone extensive third-party lab tests and have been proven to be safe and of high quality.
• They have different flavors that you could choose from. Their strawberry citrus flavor is one of the popular flavors on the market.
• They are infused with terpenes that work to support CBD and eventually develop a more effective and stronger blend.
• One of the best CBD vape cartridges according to the Observer.
• Offers free shipping for all orders in the United States.


• The company has no adequate information regarding their products.

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#2. Funky Farms – Affordable Range

• Brand Overview

Funky Farms is a company located in Florida commonly known for its distillation extraction process to make its CBD and its products’ great flavors.

The company ensures all its products go through regular in-house batch testing to ensure that they are free of impurities, pesticides, or artificial additives.

There are numerous vape products from Funky Farms. Among them are the Funky Farm CBD Cartridges. These cartridges come in 5 different kinds of flavors that we explain below.:

Chocolate Mint

This flavor is a mixture of mild mint and chocolate cookie flavor.

It comes in a 1ml 350mg capacity and is a combination of MCT oil and full-spectrum CBD extract.

It can be used by consumers who have anxiety problems or are finding it difficult to sleep.

Frosty Watermelon

Frosty watermelon is a combination of menthol flavor with some dash of fruit and hemp flavors.

It also comes in a 1ml 350mg capacity and is made through blending full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil.

Its flavor and smell are obtained from terpene.

This flavor of Funky Farms is known to make you feel relaxed and calm, making it ideal for use at night after a long day or before retiring to bed.


The gelato flavor has a concentration of 1ml with a strong dose of 350mg CBD. This concentration is then infused with natural terpenes, which give it its sweet aroma and greater health benefits.

The 350mg CBD you get from this flavor gives you the boost of energy you need while allowing you to relax and heal therapeutically.

The flavor is created with full-spectrum hemp extract, thus providing all the benefits derived from the plant.

This flavor will easily become one of your favorites because of its smoothness and high quality. It employs a non-wick ceramic design that will make your vaping experience smooth.

Funky Farms gelato is also compatible with any battery that uses the 510 formula, making it versatile and easy to use anywhere.

Granddaddy Purple

If you want to experience the benefits that come with consuming cannabis but not its effects, this flavor from Funky Farms is for you.

The granddaddy purple flavor is created from organic hemp that provides you with its health benefits. The hemp undergoes processes and tests that prove its safety to human consumption.

This cartridge comes with a sweet berry and grape aroma that is loved by many. The aroma comes from the terpene, which is infused in the hemp extract.

It can also be used as a relaxant after a long day at work.

The granddaddy purple flavor works pretty fast compared to other flavors. Once you consume it, it is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, making you experience the benefits almost immediately.

This flavor comes in a glass tank, making it easy for you to track your dosage and see how much you have left.

There are no additives or artificial preservatives added to this flavor.

Lemon Cake

This flavor of Funky Farms is a combination of natural terpenes, full-spectrum CBD, and MCT oil, giving you greater benefits.

The cartridge has 1ml of full-spectrum hemp extract and contains all terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids obtained from hemp.

With its 350mg CBD, it is a balance since it is not very strong or very weak.

This cartridge lacks any artificial additives, aromas, or preservatives.

It is rich in all-natural terpenes, which make it taste better and feel smoother during vaping.

The hemp extract that makes the lemon cake flavor is fully grown in the United States and complies with the quality regulations.

Before released to consumers, the product undergoes thorough third-party lab tests to ensure that it is safe and healthy for human use.


• All the cartridges have undergone third-party lab tests.
• 5 different flavors to select from.
• The products used to make the cartridges are all-natural with no additives or artificial preservatives.
• The flavors are great and satisfying.
• Provide free shipping for purchases of more than $65.
• Friendly and supportive customer care.
• Helps in sleep and relaxation.
• Provides a smooth vaping experience.
• Comes in an amazing and beautiful package.
• No negative after-effects.
• Offers and discounts are provided regularly on the site.
• The brand offers a 30-day refund policy.


• Most consumers find the frosty watermelon flavor to be too strong.

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#3. Just CBD – Best In Variety

• Brand Overview

If you are looking for a brand with vape cartridges of different flavors to choose from, this brand is for you!

Just CBD vape cartridges possesse one of the greatest assortments of flavors available in the market today. The brand has any kind of flavor, from pineapple to watermelon to honey to northern lights.

Their cartridges are made in the United States and go through thorough third-party lab tests before they are released to the market to ensure they are safe and healthy for your consumption.

As a consumer, Just CBD carts will leave you with a calming and relaxing effect and are believed to relieve your depression and anxiety issues.

According to the consumers, the top three popular flavors are strawberry, honey, and blueberry, and are followed by pineapple express and northern lights.

Let’s have a look at these popular flavors:


This flavor is mainly designed for those who prefer having a sweet taste for their cartridges. It has a concentration of 200mg CBD.

The vape oil has a sweet smell with a fruity undertone, and it gives you an energizing effect. If you are looking for something to relieve your stress and uplift you, the strawberry flavor will be ideal for you. It is best consumed during the day.

This flavor has a wonderful taste! No doubt about that since its consumers have left nothing but great reviews regarding it. It is also compatible with a 510 battery that you will use to operate it.


The next popular flavor of Just CBD is honey, which is undoubtedly very popular because of its sweet flavor. It also has a concentration of 200mg CBD.

This flavor tastes and smells like candy, while its aftertaste is more of nectar. It has gained popularity among its users because of its taste and after effects, as some consumers say that the product has helped them relax and soothe themselves.


Blueberry is the third favorite flavor for a majority of consumers. It is a sweet and succulent flavor that will bring joy and satisfaction to blueberry lovers.

The blueberry flavor is well known for its relaxation effects and would be ideal for those who seek to relax and calm their minds after a long day.


Americans widely use pumpkins during the thanksgiving and Halloween season as a method of celebrating.

You can also use the pumpkin flavor of Just CBD to celebrate your wins, holidays, and trick and treats. They have a 200mg CBD concentration and require a 510-thread battery to operate.

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• They have undergone third-party lab tests and proven to be safe and healthy for human consumption.
• They are made with all-natural and organic products.
• Have a huge variety of flavors you can choose from.
• The brand is transparent and provides any necessary information regarding the products and the lab test results on their website.
• The customer support is friendly and readily available in case of any inquiries or clarifications.
• The products are affordable.
• The products have offers and discounts regularly.


• Not all the products’ ingredients are elaborated effectively, making it difficult for consumers to know the exact products used to make the products.

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#4. Extract Labs CBD – Different Cannabinoids

• Brand Overview

Extract Labs cartridges are some of the smoothest and purest CBD carts in the market. They are considered to be among the all-natural CBD vape carts available today. The extract tanks purely use carbon-dioxide extracted distillate and terpenes.

These cartridges do not contain any chemicals, artificial additives, or preservatives such as glycol, MCT, thinning agents, propylene, etc.

Extract lab cartridges come in 500mg CBD/CBG/CBT concentration and are compatible with the 510 battery. They only provide a single usage and cannot be refilled.

The cartridges come in 5 different flavors: sour Ghost, ogre berry, el jefe, blue dream, and granddaddy purple:

Blue Dream

This flavor has a Sativa strain and provides you with a sweet berry smell thanks to the blueberry used to make it. It is used to produce a calming and relaxing effect on the body. The flavor has a concentration mixture of CBG, CBT, and CBD.

El Jefe

El jefe strain is created by the same manufactures of the brand’s best-selling flavor known as bubba kush. It leaves you with a powerful yet calming effect that you can make use of throughout the day.

This CBD vape extract from Extract Labs comes with an earthy lemon taste with spicy undertones.

Sour Ghost

Sour Ghost provides you with a flowery and natural taste. It lacks a lot of flavors and instead has a slight, flower-dense taste.

This strain is excellent for consumers who prefer a more natural taste and is believed to relieve pain, depression, and anxiety. It can also be used for those who have insomnia to allow them to relax and sleep.

Ogre Berry

This strain provides you with a smooth and light taste. Its flavor is a mixture of hops, herbs, and pepper.

Ogre berry is believed to leave you relaxed with a creative and motivated mindset.


• All the vape cartridges are made from all-natural products.
• The products have undergone third-party lab tests to ensure that they are safe and healthy for your consumption.
• Purely made in the United States and follow the quality regulations put in place.
• The brand provides free shipping for U.S. residents.
• There are discounts and promotions on the products provided regularly on the website.
• The customer service is readily available and supportive.
• Produces great after-effects such as relaxation and relieving anxiety.
• Consumers say that the vape carts increased their focus, energy, and concentration.


• They are not the strongest options and may not be ideal for consumers used to potent cartridges.

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#5. Secret Nature – Best In Quality

• Brand Overview

Secret Nature vape cartridges are made using CBD resin and natural terpenes. They are available in 2 potencies, 700mg, and 1200mg, offering 200 and 375 doses per cartridge, respectively.

Every secret nature cartridge is created using the brand’s high-quality CBD live resin extract and terpenes derived from the well-known cannabis strains. This blend is then used to create a collection of different and unique flavors such as lemon diesel, forbidden fruit, and gelato 33.

All the brand’s products have undergone thorough third-party lab tests to ensure they are safe and can be consumed by you. Their ingredients are organic, unaltered, and all-natural, lacking any kind of GMOs, artificial flavors, or ingredients.

The following are some of the commonly known flavors of the Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridges:

Gelato 33

Gelato is a hybrid of the two popular strains Cookie Family and Sherbinski.

This flavor derives its name from its fruity dessert-like aroma with cream and berries. It will leave you with a relaxing effect while still managing to stay motivated throughout the day.

The flavor is only available in the 700mg capacity.

Raw Nectar

This strain is derived from the brand’s raw flower nectar with pure terpenes. It is the perfect choice for consumers seeking the purest and CBD with the most natural taste in the market.

People describe this flavor as a lesser sweet version of Manuka honey, and it provides them with great after-effects on their mental and physical health.

This strain is also only available in the 700mg cartridge capacity.

White Fire OG

This flavor of Secret Nature falls under the strain indica. It is filled with a classic OG cannabis flavor with a taste of pine, gas, and earth and a dash of lime and lemon.

The White Fire OG is mainly used to calm the mind and relax the body after a long day and is available only in the 700mg cartridge capacity.

Lemon Diesel

Lemon Diesel is known for its energizing effects. It has a great combination of sours, gas, and lemon flavors.

If you enjoy the other phenomenon strains such as Lemon OG or Jack Herer, you will definitely love this strain as well.

It can be used both during the day and at night effectively, which depends entirely on the consumer’s mental state.


This strain is made by mixing Peach Rings and Strawberry Cough flavors. It is a personal favorite for the brand’s founders and is made from terpenes derived from cannabis.

This Sativa strain will leave you with an uplifting effect, which will give you a positive outlook of life and a cheerful mindset that will allow you to do your day’s tasks effectively and with ease.

Its flavor is that of sweet fruits and cannabis haze.

Bellini comes in a 700mg cartridge plus a battery and charger.

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• The strains come with different flavors to select from, giving you varieties.
• High-quality CBD vape cartridges.
• The vape carts are made with natural cannabis terpenes, ensuring their authenticity.
• The products have gone through third-party lab tests.
• The cartridges provide relaxing and calming effects.
• Their pen-style vape battery has low and high-temperature settings that you can adjust to your liking.
• The after-effects are felt shortly after consuming them.
• Lacks any artificial ingredients or additives.


• The brand lacks information on their ingredients or lab results on their website, which may cause consumers to question their credibility.

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Benefits of CBD Vape Cartridges?

Vaping is a fast and effective way to experience the benefits of CBD. Vaping comes with numerous benefits to the body that we explain below.

• It Relieves Your Stress and Keeps You Relaxed

This is one of the most common effects of using vape cartridges; they help you deal with anxiety issues and make you fully relaxed. Vaping provides you with almost all the effects associated with marijuana without leaving you intoxicated.

Using CBD even for a short while can also help you relieve pain and reduce inflammation. This can be helpful for people who hate using painkillers which often come with various side effects.

Additionally, when used in the right amount, CBD would help manage short-term pains and chronic pain.

A majority of CBD vapors will admit that they feel relaxed and stress relieved after vaping.

• Pleasure

Compared to marijuana, CBD doesn’t really make you high. Instead, it gives you only the same euphoric effects that come with smoking marijuana. One may experience serious side effects such as vomiting and damage to the respiratory system when smoking marijuana. These effects cannot be true for CBD vapers.

Not every consumer wants to get high and thinks that such a feeling comes with pleasure. CBD vape cartridges are created for consumers who prefer little to no high effects because of the minimal CBD concentration of less than 0.3% THC.

Some other benefits of using the CBD vape cartridges are:

• Lowering anxiety and depression levels.
• Boosting the consumer’s moods.
• Eliminating insomnia.

Can The CBD Show Up in A Drug Test?

The CBD cartridges should not show up in a drug test. However, full-spectrum products have some minimal amounts of THC, which may build up in your system. Thus, if you plan to take a drug test after shortly consuming CBD cartridge, it would be advisable to select those with broad-spectrum.

The chemical structures of CBD and THC are different. The drug tests are normally created to test for THC and not CBD. Therefore, it would be impossible to detect the CBD vape cartridge or any other CBD products, but it will easily detect THC.

Therefore, it is necessary to see if the brand you are using has some little concentration of THC.

How Does One Properly Use the CBD Vape Carts?

• Check the Dosage

From the discussions above, the vape cartridges clearly come in different sizes. It is, therefore, crucial to know the required dosage for you and stick with that.

It is appropriate for people just beginning the vaping journey to use 200mg or less CBD concentration. Starting with a 15mg puff is appropriate as you gradually increase the dosage.

• Correct Use Of The Cartridge

A majority of cartridges are compatible with the 510 battery. With this knowledge, it will be easier to select one that will work well with your vape pen if you have one already.

The batteries charge quickly and will last you a long time, a great idea if you like to vape while on the go.

What Are the Great Points to Note Before Purchasing A CBD Vape Cartridge?

• Look Out for The Ingredients Label

There are so many ways that one can consume CBD today, but vaping is the easiest and fastest way to absorb it into the body.

A full spectrum vape will most likely contain a mixture of terpenes and cannabinoids, and you should therefore look for these ingredients in the list. But don’t be afraid of the names of these ingredients. Actually, most fruits and vegetables contain terpenes, meaning it is not an ingredient that will cause harm to your health.

No matter how you consume terpenes, they will still leave you with the same effects. They are partly the reason why the vape flavors smell the way they do. Most of the CBD vape cartridges are created using organic, all-natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives.

Some CBD vape cartridges have PG and VG, which are not favorites for all users. It is, therefore, necessary to check all the ingredients used to make the vape cartridges before making a purchase.

A majority of the brands have their lab test results and ingredients readily available to the consumers on their websites. They also contain any relevant additional information and the potency of their products. This will make it easier for you to determine whether the ingredients and potency fit your preferences and expectations or not.

If one of your worries lies in taking a drug test, do not hesitate to look for the details on the lab tests and confirm whether the particular product has a concentration of THC or not. This is because THC will appear on a drug test while CBD will not.

• Customer Reviews

Before purchasing any vape cartridge, it is very important to know what other consumers say about the brand selling it. Reading reviews from online platforms and websites that sell these CBD vape carts will give you an idea of the brands to purchase and those to avoid.

However, it is important to understand that this process may be tedious and still leave you with no clear answers due to the difference in people’s opinions.

Everyone feels the effects of CBD differently, and basing your conclusion on their opinions may not be the wisest thing to do. One product may work perfectly well for one person but fail tremendously for another.

• Price

It doesn’t matter the kind of budget you have, you will always find fake and authentic cartridges in the market today, but the size normally determines the cartridge’s price. For instance, a 1ml cartridge will cost less than a 200mg cartridge. Additionally, an original cartridge will cost much more in price than a fake one.

• The Potency of The Oil

Taking more than the recommended amount of CBD oil might interfere with the oil tolerance of your body. This will imply that it may get to a point where you will use a larger cartridge such as a 1200mg vape cart in a very short time because every vape you consume will not be enough.

But if the CBD oil is the recommended concentration, you will only use the right amount of dosage for your body. Therefore, it is important to check the mg/ml label on the cartridge before purchasing any CBD vape cartridge.

• Availability of The Lab Test Results

It is crucial to buy the right CBD products that will not cause any harm to your health. Many companies do thorough third-party lab tests to ensure that the CBD vape carts are safe and pure for human consumption. These results are always readily available upon request or are displayed on the brand’s online website.

It is important to check the lab tests to determine if there are any ingredients or products that may not work for you or react with your body when used.

It is also crucial to determine the extraction method that the particular brand used to obtain their raw products. This information is also provided in the lab test.

In Conclusion : Which CBD Vape Cartridge Is the Best?

We have come to the end of our article, and we hope that our discussion has provided you with an idea of what to expect in terms of CBD cartridges.

Before making the final purchase, you will have to consider the cartridge’s flavor, strength, aftereffects, and capacity, among other determining factors.

We have added links that will direct you to the specific product’s website and allow you to purchase the vape cartridges of your choice.

We understand that it might be a struggle to settle with only one vape cartridge among the 5 we have discussed in this article. That is why we advise you to select the ones that tick your boxes. For us the winners are Savage CBD and Funky Farms.

All the CBD vape cartridges we have mentioned in this article are worth a try because they have proven to be of high quality, safe, and provide the desired aftereffects to their consumers.

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