Calendula Comfrey Super Salve, Large 4 oz jar by Creation Farm Herbal Balm Salves Moisturizer Ointment No Gluten, No Soy, No Parabens, No GMO Herbs Grown and Made in USA Comforts Eczema, Psoriasis

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Product Description

Creation Farm Herbal Salves

The Calendula Comfrey Super Salve uses infusions of freshly harvested Calendula Petals and Comfrey Root that are lovingly steeped with Olive Oil and Cherry Kernel for an extended period of time then filtered and combined with Jojoba, Local Beeswax and a smidge of Lavender Essential Oil.

Creation Farm Homegrown Calendula

The List of skin issues that customers use this salve for is growing all the time. Daily we receive more and more letters, emails, testimonials and reveiws about how much this product is helping those who regularly use the product.

Calendula Salves from Fresh Calendula and Comfrey from Creation Farm

Fresh Calendula Petals from Creation Farm make all the difference in our quality levels. The salve contains a highly concentrated calendula infusion compared to imported and chemical based balms and ointments creating a high powered authentic herbal remedy. Creaton Farm Herbal Salve is botanical based with Fresh Infused herbs in Olive Oil infusion.

Where it all begins…

On the other side of the plastic at the top of the right image there is 2 feet of snow when this picture was taken. We start thousands of Calendula and Comfrey plants late each winter in our large Extened Season Hoophouses where we also grow Rosemary, Clary Sage, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Holy Basil, Echinacae, Sage, Elecampane, Basil, Hibiscus, and many other herbs for Teas, Infusions, Extracts, and Distillations involved in producing this wonderful Caendula Comfrey Super Salve and many other herbal products, teas, and remedies.

PSORIASIS AND ECZEMA – With this ointment Itch don’t stand a chance! People just like you are sending us Thank You’s and Testimonials Daily. Great salve for treatment of cracked hard callouses on the feet and hands.
PROTECTS DOG PAWS – Perfect gift for Dog Loving Friends, Also soothes bruising, swelling, Real beeswax marigold candula pomada de crema
CRACKED SKIN REPAIR – a Full 4 0Z Jar-Melts like Cream or Butter on your Skin, honey, ungüento organic ointment
ESSENTIAL ALL, GOOD RELIEF – Rub on for Baby Ointment for Rash, Soothes Adult Wind burn and the dryness, no CBD required!

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