Cannabis For Mental Health In The Workplace: These Organizations Lead The Charge In Canada

According to the Canadian Mental Health Commission (CMHC), the economic burden of workplace mental health issues amounts to an astounding $51 billion per year, with 40% attributed to productivity loss. Regarding this link between mental and physical health, chronic pain is much more likely to result in mood disorders.

A 2017 Canadian Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs Survey by the CMHC indicated that 37% of cannabis users reported doing so for medical reasons. However, biases persist, with many employers and employees believing that any form of cannabis use impairs a person’s ability to function in the workplace.

Fortunately, a wealth of recent cannabis research by companies like CanaQuest Medical Corp (OTC:CANQF) has resulted in the development of many wellness-focused products and nutraceuticals utilizing cannabis, hemp and botanical compounds to treat a variety of mental and physical conditions without inebriating effects.

Research has also highlighted the risks and benefits of cannabis within diverse Canadian subpopulations.

Embracing Change

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught many to embrace change and dismantle stigmas as well as to recognize and admit to biases and help create safe work environments.

Now, through a new partnership with the Canadian Cannabis Dispute Resolution Centre (CCDRC), CanaQuest, is seeking to help drive this change by assisting with workplace dispute mediation and provide training on cannabis law and resolution policy.

Commenting on the CanaQuest/CCDRC partnership, Treena Reilkoff, a Trauma Informed Mediator and Facilitator with the CCDRC, explained the concept to Benzinga. “Our common goal is the recognition that medicinal cannabis is an alternative treatment to traditional pharmaceuticals and through education about the practicality and safety of medicinal cannabis, barriers and stigmas are reduced.”

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