CBD Joints & Their Place in MMA

The place of cannabinoids in professional sports has always been dubious and actively challenged by naysayers. Proponents argue for its use among athletes for its therapeutic properties, whereas opponents argue against it for fear of doping and false positives in THC testing.

However, despite all the arguing over the role of cannabinoids in sports, there is one professional organization that has already allowed it: the MMA.

But how and why has the MMA permitted CBD within their sport, and what place do CBD joints have in this league?

How CBD Could Help the MMA?

One of the main reasons that many people argue for the inclusion of cannabinoids within the list of allowable substances is its potential health benefits. The reason why so many athletes try to buy CBD joints online is to try and improve their physical condition.

While opponents might disagree with the idea of cannabinoids being ideal in sports, the fact is that studies have shown a myriad of valuable benefits.

One of the really critical features of CBD, in particular when it comes to athletes, is its ability to deal with inflammation. A study by Nagarkatti et al. found that CBD can act as an effective anti-inflammatory treatment, something athletes can really benefit from.

Anyone used to regular physical exercise and exertion should be intimately familiar with the pain and frustration of inflammation. While it is generally a good thing, as the body uses it as a signal that we are mildly injured, and as a way of protecting said injury, it can be frustrating for people like MMA fighters.

This is why things like CBD joints in the MMA can be so helpful – it can help keep fighters fit and ready to fight again very soon.

But why is it that hemp pre-rolls for MMA fighters are the preference? What is it about using CBD joints that makes them better than other options?

Why CBD Joints Are Preferable for Athletes?

CBD joints are among the more popular methods of imbibing CBD, thanks primarily to their convenience.

Users can easily smoke or vape their chosen strain of CBD-rich cannabis, allowing for fast and adequate intake of CBD.

Another big reason for CBD joints being so popular is their increased rate of bioavailability. The bioavailability of a substance is how much of it can be processed and effectively utilized by the body.

While other methods of imbibing CBD, such as sublingual or direct ingestion, have bioavailability in the low teens, smoking seems to be much higher. A study by Millar et al. found that smoking CBD directly had a bioavailability of 31%, easily the highest rate among all the methods.

This allows MMA fighters to not only get their CBD quickly, but also ensures that they get as much of it as possible. Since MMA fighters frequently battle with inflammation, muscle soreness, and fatigue, it only makes sense that they would prefer this method over others.

So what encouraged the MMA to change the rules, especially considering so many other sports organizations refuse to do so?

Why the MMA Changed the Rules?

The MMA changed everything last year when it changed its rules to allow all athletes to consume CBD without consequences.

While the change was a long time coming, the thing that really tipped the balance was a momentous press conference with fighter Nate Diaz. Alongside regular questions regarding performance, an off-hand comment by a reporter about the vape pen Nate was smoking led to him talking about CBD and its benefits.

In the follow-ups after this interview, there were worries that Nate could be penalized for using CBD. However, instead of punishing him, the MMA fully legitimized it, recognizing its usefulness for fighters.

Final Thoughts on CBD Joints & Their Place in the MMA

The use of CBD joints in MMA is still pretty recent, but thanks to official recognition by the MMA association last year, you can expect to see many more MMA fighters using it.

Whether vaping from a personal vape pen or using CBD joints for their convenience, CBD definitely has its place within MMA.


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