CBD Oil for Type 1 Diabetes: Health Benefits and Possible Risks

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You may experience increased thirst. Patients may suffer from severe weight loss. Constant fatigue or weakness is a symptom of Type 1 diabetes. If you suffer from frequent urination, it may indicate Type 1 diabetes. In some extreme cases, patients may also suffer from blurred vision. Children may suffer from bed-wetting.

CBD Oil may help you manage body aches associated with Type 1 Diabetes. CBD Oil may help in improving conditions like weakness and fatigue, as Type-1 diabetic patients often report. Consuming edibles with CBD Oil may help in managing hunger pangs. CBD Oil helps increase the complete well-being of the patient; the patient stays more active and enjoys good general health.

Preliminary research in 2006 suggested that regular consumption of CBD Oil delayed the onset of diabetes in non-diabetic mice. A preclinical study was conducted in the year 2010 that suggested CBD Oil can treat symptoms of diabetes. Most importantly, a study by Harvard University suggested that CBD helps in decreasing insulin resistance. Diabetic Neuropathy may cause a great deal of pain; some researchers have indicated that since CBD Oil has pain-relieving properties, it may help patients.

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