CBD Skincare Products Worth Trying in 2021

The pandemic, the global health crisis, and the lockdowns have taken quite a toll on individuals around the world, especially on their physical and mental health. After all, battling and navigating a pandemic and a global health crisis is no joke, what with numerous protocols and restrictions in place. One of these is being required to wear face coverings to protect ourselves and other people.

While wearing masks and face shields are undoubtedly necessary, this has opened up a whole new concern for many individuals – maskne. However trivial it may seem, experiencing a surge in maskne and inflammation causes individuals to lose some of their confidence.

Given the widespread phenomenon, numerous people are seeking ways to address their skin concern. This is where CBD beauty products enter. With its inflammatory and antibacterial properties, this is touted as a miracle worker by many users.

Defining Maskne

Maskne is short for ‘mask acne.’ From its name alone, this type of acne is derived from wearing a face mask for long periods of time. While this is new for many individuals, this is a regular occurrence for those working in the healthcare industry.

One of the main causes of maskne is skin friction and the lack of skin’s exposure to air. The heat, sweat, and pressure on the skin can also lead to maskne. Besides acne, the skin on the face can also manifest different types of irritation, such as redness or bumpiness. This condition can be exacerbated with the continued blockage and humidity that your pores are being forced to contend with.

Treating Maskne with CBD

CBD skincare products, such as topicals, oils, and ointments, have been found particularly effective in battling maskne and other types of inflammation. This can be chalked up to the compound’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, making it ideal and beneficial in battling an array of skin issues such as acne, eczema, and even signs of aging.

CBD hemp oil can treat acne and inflammation by inhibiting the oil-producing cells. At the same time, this also helps lessen and normalize excessive oil production in the face and body. Because of its moisturizing and hydrating properties, it can also reduce or even prevent scarring and further inflammation of the skin. The good news is that it also prevents pain from being felt by the person, primarily due to its soothing effects and properties.

3 CBD Beauty Products to Help Treat Maskne

CBD Beauty Products to Help Treat Maskne

Given the effectiveness of CBD beauty products to help treat maskne, you may want to try out certain items in the market today. Below are some worthy contenders to add to your cart and help you battle those maskne away.

Vertly Glowing Face Serum

When it comes to potency and freshness, it seems that Vertly is synonymous with these two adjectives and rightly so. They are proud to bring potent CBD-infused products closer to people by combining the best ingredients on the market.

Apart from cannabidiol, this serum is made with 24 nutrient-filled botanicals such as calendula and caffeine, both of which are soothing and energizing at the same time. It also seeks to heighten antioxidant protection with various floral extracts.

Lily CBD Unforgettable CBD Aloe Vera Lotion

Another company that makes small batches of CBD products is Lily CBD. True to its name, this unforgettable lotion is designed to add not only a burst of hydration to the skin, but also a strong yet soothing moisturizing factor with its array of oils.

Besides cannabidiol, one of the standout ingredients that work in conjunction with CBD oil is aloe vera. This is made to hydrate dry and parched skin and with its light, airy, and whipped texture, you might just enjoy adding this to your arsenal to keep the maskne at bay.

Last but certainly not least on this list is the essence toner from Kana. This K-beauty brand gives users the best of both worlds by bringing in clean and natural ingredients and the ingenuity of the industry to the market.

This essence not only gives an instant and refreshing dose of hydration, but it also ensures the skin is prepped to absorb other skincare additions. Combined with pink lotus, cannabidiol can drastically address the imperfections and while addressing inflammation from the root.

The Bottom Line

Treating maskne is now more accessible and convenient than ever with tons of cannabidiol-based options available on the market. With this, people suffering from inflammation and other similar skin conditions can finally get the best skin of their life.

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