Charlotte City Council considers legalizing Marijuana dispensaries

CHARLOTTE, Mich. (WILX) – Charlotte City Council is considering to legalize pot shops. Supporters say this will be an economic boost, however City Council opposed the idea in 2018.

“I think the economic benefits are too great to pass up at this time,” said Charlotte City Council Member, Brandon Dyer.

The Charlotte City Council is meeting Monday to decide if they want to bring Marijuana dispensaries to Charlotte. One City Counsel member says this is what the community wants.

“Residents voted in majority in favor of the state proposal making it legal and the city is having some financial issues so this is another way to bring in,” said Dyer.

One resident says legalizing pot shops in Charlotte would be a great boost for the economy especially coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Anything that brings revenue into this community is great because things have been stagnant for so long it’d be a good shot in the arm. Jobs right now people need to get back to work,” said Charlotte resident, Dale Flegel.

Now while this proposal was rejected by Charlotte City Council in the past, Dyer hopes this could be a second chance.

“I brought this issue up and it did not pass and then we had elections in 2019 and we have a different set of council members so now I am seeing if there is more support,” said Dyer.

One women says she relies on dispensaries to help with her mental health.

“I use a lot of CBD oil aspects to it it helps me because I suffer with depression and anxiety and arthritis so it helps me I know it helps others with their health problems as well. Don’t be close minded about dispensaries they help a lot of people,” said Charlotte Resident Marlaina Mahon.

Four out of the seven City Council members must say “yes” for the proposal to move forward.

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