Circle Labs CBD Reviews – Quality 3x Strength CBD Pain Balm?

3x Strength CBD is a high-grade and medical-grade cannabis plant infusion from Circle Labs, a California-based industry-leading craft producer of premium CBD-infused products. According to the official website, this topical CBD supplement features triple strength, concentrated cannabinoids sourced from sustainably farmed and sun-grown cannabis plants. The creators behind the formula are two experts, Eloise Theisen, Radicle Health’s Chief Executive Officer, and co-founder, a renowned board-certified Adult-Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Together, her team has managed to help over 6000 patients regain their life and health. To get the desired result, They use research-based and innovative therapies that combine natural and safe ingredients.

3x Strength CBD Pain Balm Features

3x strength CBD pain balm uses a full-spectrum CBD-infused rub-on pain formula characterized by the following features:

Scientifically formulated full-spectrum cold-infusion CBD formulaOver 120 mg of Medical grade cold-infusion cannabinoidsTriple strength, concentrated CBDSun grown and sustainably farmed CBD featuring organic essential oilsMold-free and pesticide-freeThird-party lab testedTHC content less than 0.075%

This Circle Labs new triple strength CBD pain balm blends organic extra virgin olive oil with essential oils to optimize absorption, ensuring instant penetration and quick results. The over 120mg of pure cold-infusion CBD is said to work by reducing neuro cells’ production, leading to reduced discomforts from pain.

Who Can Benefit From 3x CBD Pain Balm?

According to the official website, the triple strength, high concentrated CBD pain balm is formulated to address different clients’ needs for pain and discomfort. It provides almost instant and long-lasting relief by blocking the pain signals and easing the root source’s discomfort.

The rub-on full spectrum CBD pain relief balm is for those looking to control painful joint inflammation and live fuller lifestyles. With this supplement, the body energy intends to be supercharged and improve mental clarity. The cream is recommended if:

You often wake up tired and with stiff, painful joints that limit your motion range and make it impossible for you to live a fuller life.You’re experiencing persistent gut-wrenching pain, making it impossible for you to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing night’s sleep.You’ve tried dozens of over-the-counter menthol creams and prescription pain killers to relieve body pain to no avail.You often get sore knees or elbows after a workout session or end up with soreness and pain after engaging in workouts; this is the best topical pain relief CBD balm for you.You’re looking for a premium-grade and effective CBD-infused pain relief balm made of pure and safely sourced cannabinoids.image2

3x CBD Pain Balm Ingredients

The Circle Labs 3x pain balm is an easy-to-use topical whole flower CBD pain solution that treats most pains and discomfort from the source. According to the manufacturer, this pain relief balm doesn’t cause skin irritation and works to most users’ preferences, both men and women. The CBD is extracted using cold infusion and processed to include all of the rich terpenes, phytocannabinoids, and flavonoids.

The phytocannabinoids help activates your body’s endocannabinoid system, which reduces pain signaling and lowers cartilage-destroying cell production. Flavonoids are the substances behind the superabundant green color of hemp. They are known to have high anti-inflammatory properties and helps boost the entourage effect. As for the terpenes, scientific studies have proven them to have a superior entourage effect. The manufacturer claims that this supplement combines several naturally sourced ingredients alongside the high-potent and highly concentrated cannabinoids.

These ingredients include:

Organic essential citrus oils: These flavorful citrus oils mask the marijuana-triggered odor, leaving a pleasant citrus aroma.Organic Jojoba oil: It contains potent phytonutrients responsible for the deep penetration and efficient healing often associated with the 3x CBD pain balm.Organic frankincense: this supplement works by blocking inflammatory cell formation to help keep your joints healthy and free from pain.

Unique Qualities of 3X CBD Pain Balm

Circle Labs has defied the odds when it comes to the quality and purity of its CBD. They don’t just settle for any hemp extracts at their disposal. According to their team leader, the company invests time and money to study hemp plant genetics. They only settle for uniquely crafted plants with high CBD content and other essential terpenes and cannabinoids.

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Their cannabis plants meet all purity and organic standards. The whole flowers are sun-grown with no use of toxic fertilizers or pesticides. Each of the cannabis plants is continually fed with clean fresh water. During harvesting, the team does a clean job ensuring each hemp plant extract is stored in a climate-controlled environment to retain its essential phytonutrients. The company uses high-end mass spectrometry and high-performance liquid chromatography to test each cannabis bud for purity, ensuring none includes heavy metals or pesticides.

The Best Dosage For 3x Pain Balm

The 3x CBD Pain Balm manufacturer, Circle Labs, recommends using the topical CBD Balm once or twice a day. You rub it on your skin soon after you experience any discomfort or pain. You’ll be amazed to realize that the pain subsides almost instantly. The application is as simple as putting a small amount of the balm on your finger and gently massaging the area that hurts. The balm has a formula that allows it to soak instantly into the skin, leaving a fresh citrus aroma and a pain-free body.

The whole flower 125mg 3x Strength CBD Pain Balm is uniquely formulated to help users soothe pains and aches almost instantly without needing to use menthol-based creams or painkillers. The balm blends the finest quality and quantity of ingredients that are easy to absorb into the skin and effective as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. When buying this high-quality and safe CBD balm, you have to decide how often you will use it. If you wish to apply the balm every time you feel pain or discomfort, order as many bottles as you may typically need.

Benefits of Using 3x Pain Balm

Most of us have tried pain-relieving painkillers, and most of us can confirm that the experience isn’t always smooth. While some people experience chronic heartburn, bloating, pain and gas after taking painkillers, other experience mild headaches and dizziness. Some users experience diarrhea, stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting as well. Such experiences can be quite terrible. 3X pain balm is a natural alternative that offers many benefits, including:

Enhanced Night Sleep. Users get to enjoy better and longer night sleep. The 125mg CBD Pain Balm will double, if not triple, your hours of sleep. You will no longer have to lay awake in bed for hours before you fall asleep and wake up fully rested with no burning or painful discomfort in your body.

Improved Energy Levels. The pain balm can help increase energy levels because users get a more restful sleep. Moreover, the triple strength CBD pain balm can ensure you can enjoy the activities you dearly love.

It may help reduce anxiety and stress. Almost all the ingredients in 3x pain balm are shown to have superior stress and anxiety-relieving properties.

If stress, anxiety, and pain have negatively affected your life, using this supplement could bring a lasting solution to ending pain that affects daily activities.


The Working Mechanism of 3x Pain Balm

The 3x pain relief balm production process is detailed, comprehensive, and accurate. The hemp is grown and harvested safely. Circle Labs has extracted and manufactured the CBD product carefully, meeting and using the best quality standards. The pain-relieving CBD Balm is known to work in three main ways, including:

The first way involves activating our natural endocannabinoid system. It does so by working with CB2 and CB1 nerve receptors ideal for relaxing the muscles by reducing pain signal production that aids and protect anandamide, your body’s natural pain reliever.

Secondly, the triple, high CBD concentration used works by blocking neural pathways. That is achieved when the TRPA1 and TRPV1 receptors are activated, and pain sensitivity is reduced. Once that is achieved, cartilage degenerating cells’ production is delayed, improving joint health by reducing cytokines, a degenerative chemical.

This supplement’s final working mechanism involves reducing joint swelling by simply blocking the pain signal nerve and boosting overall anti-inflammatory compounds.


Safety and Guarantee

3x pain relief balm is made in state-of-the-art facilities that follow all GMP guidelines. It’s also made of hemp extracts that are organically sun-grown. The pain relief CBD Balm comes with a security backing of 90-days. In those 90 days, you can try using the supplement and if you’re not satisfied, ask for a refund. If you’re experiencing mild or infrequent pain, you should order the one-month supply package containing a single ¼-ounce jar of CBD balm for $29.95. If you’re dealing with chronic pain, consider the four-month package that costs $79.95. Those who experience regular pain should purchase the 2-month package that includes two bottles offered at $49.95. Shipping costs on the product package selections are:

One- month 1.4 oz jar package/ $4.95 for ShippingTwo-month package/ $4.95 for ShippingOne 1-ounce jar/ Free Shipping(LOWEST PRICE ONLINE) Get the Best CBD Balm Directly from the Circle Labs Website for the Biggest Discount

Contacting Circle Labs

Circle Labs customer service team contact details are made available for customers to ask questions and more by phone or by sending an email:

Email- support@circlelabs.coPhone- (415) 322-9619


We all understand the depth of damage chronic pains, stress, and anxiety can have on your health and general wellbeing. Painkillers and similar medications have proven unreliable since they have dozens of side effects. Natural CBD-infused products have become a new trend lately, with so many people considering these supplements as safer and reliable alternatives to costly pain-relieving therapies. The triple, high concentrated Circle Labs CBD Pain Balm is one quality CBD-infused product that the manufacturers and previous customers recommend for its unrivaled purity, efficiency, and reliability.

To learn more about Circle Labs CBD pain balm, visit the formula official website.

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