Convincing Minorities To Begin Medical Cannabis Involving Activities

Cannabis legalization and decriminalization bills have passed in multiple states and the rights of minorities have improved under the new bill. However, the implementation process is taking time and may take some more months.

Medical cannabis involving activities including its cultivation, manufacturing, production, and sales all have business potential. Previously people of color were not given equal rights to do marijuana business. They were not able to find sponsors to begin their marijuana dispensary or sell edible marijuana products.

There are other problems due to which minorities, including Black people, are either not showing interest in the weed business or are not just taking the initiative.

Some states have taken the initiative of improving the rights of minorities and allowed them to involve themselves in weed business activities. Despite the passing of such laws, many people of minorities are in prison in Oklahoma.

 Cannabis Equity And Economics

The topic under discussion in the June 11 edition of JR/Now was Cannabis Equity and Economics. Joe Dowd is the interim editor. Dr. Bridget Williams is the owner of Green Harvest Heal. Michael Fields is the Social Equity and Inclusion Consultant. These individuals and Kevin Greene, discuss in the June 11 edition of JR/Now, reasons due to which minorities lack behind in cannabis business fields.

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They also discuss how to improve the position of minorities in the cannabis business. The white people are leading the marijuana involving activities. Most of the successful weed industries, dispensaries, chains of retail stores selling marijuana are owned by white people.

However, people of color have been imprisoned and sentenced to life imprisonment due to possession of cannabis. Minorities face imprisonment charges for selling marijuana in the streets. The situations elders of minorities have experienced during the last decades have led them to refrain from involving themselves or their close ones in the pot business.

Moreover, people belonging to minorities have different beliefs. These beliefs also hinder their path to the weed business. Rumors, the spread of misinformation, and propaganda led to an unrealistic image of Black people and their relation to cannabis.

According to Dr. Bridget William, within the Black community, there are many influenced by misguiding information. Such individuals are not willing to use medical marijuana. Also, they are not showing any interest in doing medical cannabis business.

What Can Be Done To Remove Misinformation And Convince Minorities 

To remove the doubts and misinformation about medical cannabis use and medical cannabis involving businesses, the intellectual members of minorities shall make efforts.

Educated and professional people of minorities shall guide others about the possible benefits of medical marijuana. Informing the correct information and scientific facts to minorities will help in changing their perspective of medical cannabis. Furthermore, knowledge coming from experts belonging to minorities is more reliable by other members of minorities.

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It’s natural that a person beliefs what he/she listens from a person of the same community. Thus, creating awareness among minorities with the help of doctors and educated people of minorities is most likely to solve the problems.

The overall community shall give jobs to individuals irrespective of their color of skin. Talented people, either of majorities or minorities, shall receive equal opportunities. Enabling and encouraging minorities to study medicine, business principles, and cannabis laws will help in improving their perception of medical cannabis.

Kevin Greene is vice president of the Cleveland School of Cannabis. According to Greene, if minorities continue to avoid studying and involving in the marijuana business, they will never see the potential in this industry. Moreover, the cannabis industry will not be able to reach its full potential.

Fields elaborate that they are looking to generate opportunities for minorities to come together under one platform to learn about cannabis, its laws, medical use, economic benefits, and more. Individuals who learn these things shall go back to their community and spread awareness. Devoted individuals will enable to create awareness.

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