Denver Dispensaries Carrying AK-47, Northern Lights and Other Classic Strains


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Commercial marijuana breeders are constantly toying with their plant genetics, looking for a way to get an edge up on the competition as consumer habits evolve. But all these new options can make strain shopping tricky, especially for newcomers and old heads to this state encountering an embarrassment of riches.

Before legalization, weed smokers had to purchase whatever was available where they grew up, giving someone from Illinois or Nebraska a larger affinity for Northern Lights, for example, than someone from the West Coast, who came up on Purple Kush or Jack Herer. And for anyone getting back into cannabis use after taking off for a few decades, such classic strains as AK-47, Flo or Maui Wowie provide a sense of comfort…if they can find them.

A lot of the old, reliable pot strains are available around Denver, but it takes months of store visits and sifting through dispensary menus to find out. To save you the time, here are ten pot shops that carry a boatload of classic buds, from Colombian Gold to Sour Diesel.

Good Chemistry
Three metro locations

Silver Stem Fine Cannabis
Seven metro locations

380 Quivas Street

3835 Elm Street

Find Denver Dispensary just off I-70 at 4975 Vasquez Boulevard.EXPAND

Find Denver Dispensary just off I-70 at 4975 Vasquez Boulevard.

Scott Lentz

Alternative Medicine on Capitol Hill
1301 Marion Street

Denver Dispensary
4975 Vasquez Boulevard

Three metro locations

The Clinic
Four metro locations

Denver Kush Club
2615 Welton Street

The Kind Room
1881 South Broadway

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Herbert Fuego is the resident stoner at Westword, ready to answer all your marijuana questions.

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