Fitness and Productivity During The Pandemic: What You Should Know

Even though we are beginning to step out more than we were a few weeks ago, life continues to be confined primarily indoors and to the physical space of our own houses.

Now, it is no secret that along with the coronavirus pandemic, there has been another accompanying pandemic – one of ‘at-home’ workout videos and routines, as well as lofty ambitions about our productivity. While it is important to keep ourselves moving to avoid emotional and physical stagnation, the conversation around body positivity and mental health gains a greater significance here.

Commenting on the same, Dr Raj Kumar Srivastava, Senior Consultant and Head, Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Max Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, says, “One should not take the pressure to be productive all day. If you are being productive, it is better, yes, but even if you are not, it’s alright. The most crucial thing during this pandemic is to keep yourself happy whether you are productive or not.”

Dr Kamna Chhibber, Head of Department, Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram, adds that it is important to analyse and decide what feels good to you, and to consciously steer clear of comparisons.

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