Golden Moon Tea – Tippy Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea | Fresh All Natural Revitalizing Flavor & Aroma | Real Italian Bergamot Peels & Extract | 96 Servings of Earl Grey Organic English Style Tea

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We knew we wanted to create the best organic Earl Grey blend ever. We also knew that London, England was the birthplace of the iconic breakfast tea. We visited no less than the top 33 tea houses in London, from Oxford Street to King’s Road, to sample and taste recipes dating back to the 1800s. What we ended up with was a deliciously smooth and refreshing blend of organic Chinese and organic Indian full leaf tea leaves intermixed with 100% real Italian Bergamot extract. We even add in delightful whole pieces of the Bergamot peel. The black tea foundation of each loose leaf bag of Tippy Earl Grey derives from whole Chinese Keemum tea leaves, freshly picked Chinese Yunnan tea leaves, and malty Assam black tea leaves from India.

The end result is the perfect breakfast tea that has enough caffeine to energize and focus your mind without causing jitteriness or a caffeine crash. Each resealable, airtight and waterproof bag contains 96 servings of loose leaf Earl Grey tea leaves.

An Uplifting Experience in Every Cup

For almost two centuries people all over the world have turned to Earl Grey to start their day or as a healthy mid-day perk up. Due to its strong black tea base, Earl Grey has more caffeine than many other tea blends. However, its milder and more subtle than a mug of black coffee. Even better, Earl Grey doesn’t normally cause jitteriness or keep you up at night even if you drink a cup late in the day. Despite the caffeine, the unique flavor profile can actually help mellow you out and reduce stress and anxiety. Earl Grey teas with whole citrus bergamot have an even stronger effect on mood and wellbeing. This is because real Italian bergamot is also known to have a calming effect. Because we use such high quality black tea blends as the base of every cup of Tippy Earl Grey, we can add extra whole pieces of dried bergamot rind to get more of its soothing effects without the spicy citrus notes overpowering the smooth black tea taste.

Enjoy Golden Moon’s Tippy Earl Grey Any Way You Want

We recommend three main ways to enjoy a delicious cup of Golden Moon’s Tippy Earl Grey. It’s natural non-bitter sweetness means you can enjoy a nice steamy warm cup as is…simple with nothing added. Earl Grey is also the base of many popular iced tea recipes all over the U.S. Add some sugar, honey, a lot of ice and maybe some fresh sprigs of mint and you have the perfect refreshment for those hot and humid days. Share it with friends or keep it your little secret and spoil yourself whenever you want.

The London Fog Latte is becoming more and more popular with Earl Grey connoisseurs and tea lovers all over the world. Just because it was invented in the Pacific North West doesn’t mean you can’t have a heavenly cuppa wherever you are. All you need is some Tippy Earl Grey loose leaf tea leaves, steamed milk and a dash of vanilla (we prefer pure organic vanilla extract). For an extra cozy cup, don’t hesitate to mix in a bit of organic raw honey.

100% Real Italian Bergamot

We only use 100% organic Italian Bergamot in our Earl Grey blend. Like most Earl Grey or bergamot teas, we use pure Bergamot extract that is pulled from the rind or peel of the freshly picked citrus fruit. We take it a step further and add whole pieces of dried Bergamot peel to our Earl Grey blend.

100% USDA Organic – Toxin Free

At Golden Moon we only source from the highest quality loose leaf tea growers. We independently test for pesticides and toxins so that each customer knows that every single satisfying sip of our delicious loose leaf tea is safe from harmful chemicals and additives.

100% Fresh Tea

Because we pick all our teas during tight seasonal windows, we ensure that every single batch has the finest and most exquisite flavors and freshness. We also package our teas as whole leaf so that their natural oils can more effectively lock in their unrivaled freshness, flavor and aroma.

REAL ITALIAN BERGAMOT: All natural 100% Italian Bergamot extract provides a fruity and enlightening citrus aroma and flavor to every cup of authentic Earl Grey tea. Unlike most tea makers, we don’t stop at just the extract. We actually add whole pieces of genuine Bergamot peel to our specially curated 3 tea Earl Grey loose tea blend.
SUPERIOR 3 TEA BLEND: Unlike other brands that usually rely on just one low quality strain of black tea as the base for their Earl Grey, here at Golden Moon we’ve created a sensually enriching 3 tea full leaf blend of superior black teas. Our Chinese Keemum and fine Yunnan teas are expertly blended with our spirited Indian Assam tea to create a lively yet mellow gourmet tea.
USDA ORGANIC & NON GMO: All our teas are USDA organic which means they’re free from pesticides, toxins and chemical additives. We independently test all our teas to ensure they pass our rigorous quality standards. Each ingredient in our Tippy Earl Grey blend is also a gluten free, vegan, and eco-friendly product. Enjoy a safe and healthy cup of tea just as nature intended.
FRESHNESS GUARANTEE: We only pick our teas during their natural growing seasons while they’re at peak freshness and taste. Our full leaf harvesting method maintains each leaf’s natural essential oils so they retain their full flavor and fresh picked aromas, even after brewing. We’re so confident in our teas freshness that we have a Full 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee on every single tea we make…Go ahead and Order Your’s Risk Free Today.

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