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“I’ll be continually sourcing hemp from other farmers to schedule deliveries throughout the year,” Cruise said, noting that he sets his prices based in part on information from Hemp Benchmark, a company that monitors U.S. hemp production and sales for its online market data service.

Processing with ice water extraction technology in the 16,000 square-foot building at the corner of Sweetwater and 180th roads started approximately three weeks ago.

The plant currently has three employees. Cruise’ brother-in-law Brett Mayo is head of extraction, and Tyler Zeigler and Juaquin Flores operate the two 2,000-liter processing units.

Also, digital Marketing Manager Jessica Krzycki is preparing the website for online sales of CBD products.

“Right now is our actual first week of full production,” Cruise said. “After this week, we can determine how much and how fast we need to bring in the biomass.”

When using both units, processing 240 pounds or more takes approximately 2½ hours.

Hemp processing

Employee Juaquin Flores monitors the plant’s two hemp processing units Monday morning.

Cruise said the plant is specialized because it processes the whole hemp flower with the biomass intact, while other processors remove the buds and grind down the biomass.

“I want to see the flower as a whole, with the tricombs … so you’re not hurting the terpenes, but capturing the terpenes so it’s a full-spectrum product,” he said.

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