Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce Reaches Where the Others Don’t

Some like it hot. We love it hot, and coming through with the heat that has health benefits, we present to you Hot Sloth Hot Sauce. Executive chef Mike Bagale has delivered a pinkishly hot mix of heat, exotic flavors, and excitement in a hot sauce formulated with Pot d’Huile CBD Olive oil.

In the CBD blend, you get fermented plum, dragonfruit, Japanese White Miso paste, and habanero to kick your tongue, and other hot sauces to the side. This along with 15mg of full-spectrum CBD per teaspoon, it delivers tang, fruit flavors, and the heat for sure. You will want to put it on everything.

To buy Hot Sloth Hot Sauce, be ready for a kick in the mouth that is good wherever you want a sweet spice, and a little body relief as well. Grab a bottle or a few at Pot D’Huile for $36. Hot Sloth is a Turkey enhancer, and a stocking stuffer that is just in time for the season.

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