Is Hemp Oil Effective In Treating Skin Conditions?

Scientists need to carry out more research to discover the full range of health benefits that hemp oil can provide.

However, some studies have indicated that hemp oil may have numerous potential health benefits, such as:

Scientists believe that most of the health benefits linked to hemp oil are due to the oil’s rich mixture of beneficial plant chemicals called phytochemicals, as well as other nutrients.

Alternative natural skin remedies

Many other natural skin remedies have properties that can benefit skin health or reduce symptoms of skin conditions.

Examples include:

onion extract to reduce the appearance and feel of scars or to prevent or treat fungal infections
garlic to prevent skin cancer or irregular growths
aloe vera to reduce wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks, and improve circulation and wound healing
neem to relieve and heal boils and blisters
marigold to help heal burns, bruises, wounds, and to reduce inflammatory skin conditions
green tea to rejuvenate old skin cells and reduce inflammation
echinacea to help treat skin boils, wounds, burns, acne, and psoriasis
lavender oil to reduce allergic reactions
tomato paste for protection from UV damage
mango for very dry, cracked skin
chamomile to reduce free radical damage and inflammation
rosemary to treat acne and reduce UV damage
thyme to treat cellulitis (skin infections)

Learn more about some home remedies for dry skin here.


Hemp oil contains a wide array of phytochemicals beneficial for skin health and human health in general.

Skin conditions that may benefit from hemp oil include eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis.

Hemp oil may also be useful in anti-skin aging and treatment of acne scarring.

Before purchasing or using hemp oil, it is important to ensure it is a pure, high-quality product. People with chronic skin conditions should also talk with a doctor about using hemp oil to treat or manage their condition.

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