Local CBD event educating people on the benefits of CBD products

SOMERTON, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) – Recreational marijuana has been legal in Arizona for nearly four months now and many locals are checking out a cannabis and CBD expo this weekend.

This event is allowing local vendors to show off their product and the holistic benefits it provides.

The plant-based approach is helping people with pain and anxiety.

At the safe outdoor cannabis expo, locals came out to learn more about CBD products and got the chance to try them out.

CBD comes in different forms such as an oil or lotion even capsules.

Jarrett St. Amand is president of Jefrokush Copper, a CBD company that offers CBD and copper 2-in-1 products.

“This gentleman, Jose who is here right now, put it on his hand and looked at me and he sparked right away because the copper goes in so fast it reacts within the cellular development so quick that you can feel the instant relief. No one has that, it’s very rare,” St. Amand said.

In addition to relieving pain, CBD is also is used to treat anxiety and depression.

Those common mental health disorders could have devastating impacts on your health.

“If you’re having a problem and you are stressed out and you have depression or anxiety take some CBD because it helps you release that stress. It’s supposed to give you more balance,” he added.

These local businesses are looking to help people deal with common health issues.

“What is cannabidiol? what does it do for us? How is helping that anxiety? It binds to our receptors. We have CB-1 CB-2 receptors within our body as well as CB-3 here. And so these compounds that we use CBD will go into that receptor and help facilitate that ache and pain by filling that receptor, and that’s kind of like the chemical breakdown of the binding agents and how they come together,” he explained.

There are even more ways CBD can be used for such as insomnia, nausea and it’s even being used as an anti-depressant for animals.

It is best to do your research and take a look at the pros and cons of this holistic approach.

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