Medical Miracles 2000 MG Hemp Oil Pain Relief | Quick Healing, Maximum Strength, 100% Natural Tincture Relieves Inflammation, Muscle, Joint, Knee, Nerve, Arthritis Aches | Fast Acting, Extreme Power

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Product Description

Medical MiraclesMedical Miracles

Who are we?

Medical Miracles is quickly becoming recognized for the continuous creation of new, effective, high-quality herbal products. High standards and elevated expectations are the core mission of the Medical Miracles brand name. We accomplish this by our continued expansion into natural and sustainable methods that have not only been used for centuries but now combine modern components and concepts to provide safe and effective results.

Medical Miracles 2000 mg Hemp Oil is made with all-natural ingredients and can offer the following benefits:

Fast-Acting: Liquid formula offers maximum absorption and immediate results. Stop suffering and get relief from your pain now.
Safe and Effective: As research continues to reveal the multitude of benefits this plant can provide, hemp pain relief oils are quickly becoming the most recommended natural product for pain relief. Our oil is naturally safe and effective, making it superior to harsh prescription or OTC medications that cause unwanted side-effects.
High-Potency: Designed as a powerful, alternative remedy to assist with controlling, relieving and managing pain. This oil has been gaining traction amongst health-conscious people and athletic circles due to its fast-acting ability to ease the pain associated with lumps, bumps, bruises, stiffness, strains, sprains and more.

2000MG Hemp Oil 970x600 Image2000MG Hemp Oil 970x600 Image

2000MG 1-12000MG 1-1

Fast-Acting Pain Relief

Perfect for:

Back, Shoulder, Neck, Hip, Joint Pain
Sore Muscles, Inflammation, Damaged Nerves
Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia Pain
Support for Controlling Mood, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep Issues

2000MG 1-22000MG 1-2

Contains Medium-Chain Triglycerides for Additional Benefits

Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT Oil) is the perfect carrier oil when paired with hemp, offering benefits such as:

Reducing Stored Body Fat, Increasing Metabolic Function, Digestion, Feeling of ‘Fullness’
Increasing Both Physical and Mental Energy, Clearing ‘Brain Fog’
Balancing Hormone Levels, Improving mood, Helping Absorb Essential Nutrients


Proudly Made in America

We source the highest quality of hemp exclusively from our partner farms located in Colorado. This allows us to inspect our partner farms for quality and ensures that we not only know where our ingredients are coming from, but we keep Americans working to create products for Americans.

2000MG 1-12000MG 1-1

2000MG 1-22000MG 1-2


Elderly Wrist

Elderly Wrist



Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

A Powerful Formula For All Ages and Body Types

Medical Miracles 2000mg Extra Strength Hemp Oil is made from all natural ingredients and has been proven to be more effective than most comparable products.

You can find people all around the country, including fighters, athletes, and every day people of all ages and types using Medical Miracles 2000mg Extra Strength Hemp Oil to help manage their pain and remain active.

Soft, Gentle, All Natural Ingredients Offer Unrivaled Results

Our scientifically designed, proprietary blend contains two natural ingredients at the perfect levels — Hemp Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT).

This unique blend offers superior potency, unrivaled absorption rates, and reliable consistency. This will allow you to achieve the results you need much faster than with the hundreds of generic products on the market.

American Made — Grown Exclusively In Colorado

This incredible oil contains the perfect blend of hemp oil and MCT that has been designed and proven to help neutralize your pain and leave you feeling energetic and refreshed.

Every batch we create is lab-tested before being bottled to ensure the highest standards of quality, potency and purity.

Every bottle, every time.

LONG-LASTING OIL PROVIDES HOURS OF COMFORT: Our mint flavored, high-quality hemp infused remedy contains 66.6mg of premium quality hemp oil for relief you can feel. Our superior product line is made from the best non-GMO, preservative free and powerful sources. Each batch is hand selected to ensure high potency that can help combat pain as well as the symptoms and effects of chronic injuries, cramps, aches and pains
ADVANCED TREATMENT PROMOTES WELLNESS: Our premium, easy to use oil is a strong and effective alternative to harsh prescription and OTC medication. Popular amongst men, women, athletes, the elderly and everyday people, it’s perfect as an organic extract to comfort, manage and calm anxiety, stress, soreness, tenderness, discomfort, strains, bumps, bruises, sprains, chronic tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, stiffness, sore wrists, ankles, shoulders, hands, back, neck, feet, and sports injuries
EASY TO USE DROPPER PROVIDES CONSISTENT DOSAGE: Our CO2 cold pressed and lab tested proprietary supplement is not only effective at combating pain, it contains MCT oil to provide you with additional benefits such as a reduction of ‘brain fog’, better digestion, increased energy and an improvement in metabolic function. Experience the satisfaction, respite and happiness that come with the alleviation of chronic or acute pain, without wasting a single drop
CUSTOMER PROVEN RESULTS: This liquid tincture is formulated to absorb quickly and interact with pain receptors for whole body support that you can feel. Due to the unique pain relieving properties, our thousands of satisfied customers have reported multiple benefits, such as increased energy, stamina, recovery from intense exercise and a steady return to an active lifestyle. Medical Miracles can help relieve your pain and get you on the path to begin regaining your life today!

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