Paul Rodriguez talks life-changing ‘Selena’ role, new CBD brand and more

Paul Rodriguez’s two plus years on the sidelines have finally expired. The 35-year-old Latino skateboarder, more often called “P-Rod,” marked a triumphant public return after tearing his ACL, MCL and meniscuses, among other injuries, in one fell swoop. Now, he’s not only reunited with his beloved board, but has two major projects out in the world.

One silver-lining shimmered during Paul’s recovery. He began to use CBD oil to combat any inflammation post-physical therapy and took tinctures after hearing of their health benefits. “Being a business-minded person, my next thought was how do I get involved with this industry,” Paul tells us. And he certainly did. P-Rod recently launched Just Live alongside fellow star athletes Klay Thompson, Alex Morgan and Travis Pastrana.

Paul may also be fresh on your mind due to Netflix’s hit Selena: The Series. He plays Roger Garcia, a back-up guitarist in Selena y Los Dinos. It’s what Paul hopes is the first recurring role of many, as he aims to transition to being a full-time actor after his longtime skateboarding adventure ends. It’s not a big stretch by any means – acting courses through P-Rod’s blood. His father, Paul Rodriguez Sr., is considered one of the greatest comedians of all time and has churned out countless memorable performances in the TV and Film sphere. “Growing up he always told me acting is in the eyes,” P-Rod says.

Learn more about Paul and his experience filming Selena, launching a new CBD brand, keeping a positive mindset and what’s next in our chat below!

HOLA USA: How have you and the family been hanging in?

Paul Rodriguez: I’m grateful to God everyday, it’s been a weird year for everybody, but thankfully in my personal life a lot of blessings have come along, a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of positivity in family life. I feel very fortunate and thankful that, for me, this year has given me the opportunity to hit the reset button.

We send all of the parents out there so many extra kudos during these turbulent times. How has it been for you parenting-wise?

It’s been good and interesting for sure. My daughter is about to be 12 and so she’s at an age where she’s becoming more of her own person, developing more personality and sassiness, so I’ve been getting used to that. But we’ve had a lot more time to spend together with her doing school at home. She’s in junior high now, so selfishly I feel good. It’s kept her away from any negative influences or trouble that kids tend to start getting into at that age. I don’t know if she’s bored out of her mind, but overall it’s been a good thing to have more time with her at home.

Confession: when I was a kid I used to play as you on Tony Hawk’s Underground. Has your daughter played any of the video games/ what does she think of it all?

No, she hasn’t. Though recently during the pandemic, she’s started to show some interest in skateboarding. She likes to skate and roll around. She has more fun skating with her friends that are her age, though with the lockdown situation the kids can’t always get together to skate. I’m still dad no matter what, if I take her to skate, even though I’m a professional skateboarder, she doesn’t want to hear my advice or learn from me. She wants to roll around with her friends and learn on her own. I’ve taken her around and rolled with her, but I think she enjoys it more without me to be honest.

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