Pawfectchow Hemp Cаlming Treats for Dogs – w/Hemp Oil – Made in USA – Dog Anxiety Relief – Stress Barking Separation Fireworks & Thunder – Aggressive Behavior

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Product Description

Calming Hemp TreatsCalming Hemp Treats

Calming Hemp TreatsCalming Hemp Treats

Calming Hemp TreatsCalming Hemp Treats

Help your pet feel calm and composed with Anxiety Relief Calming Hemp Treats.

Any time you see your pet acting anxious – howling, barking, hiding or strolling back and force, it’s a clear symptom of stress. Such condition, though can’t be avoided completely, should be treats, otherwise it may cause various health issues for the pet, like digestion issue, skin and coat issues, urinary tract issues etc.

Made with a unique blend of organic extracts and powders these calming chews is an effective supplement to treat dog’s anxiety and moderate anxious or aggressive behavior.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Powder, Valerian Root, Organic Chamomile Powder, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Passion Flower, L-Tryptophan

Recommended servings:

For the dog’s weight up to 25lb the daily dose is 1 chew, for 25-50lbs = 2 chews per day, for 50-75lbs = 3 chews, for 75-100lbs = 4 chews, for over 100lbs = 5 chews per day.


Hemp Oil + Hemp Protein, Valerian Root et

Glucosamine, Hemp Oil, MSM

Vitamins C/A/E/D/B, Minerals, PRObiotics, PREbiotic, Hemp Oil

Salmon Oil, DHAgold, Vitamins

Enzyme, PRObiotic, PREbiotic




GMO, Corn, Soy + Preservative FREE


All Breeds All Ages

All Breeds All Ages

All Breeds All Ages

All Breeds All Ages

All Breeds All Ages

NATURAL FORMULA FOR ALL BREEDS AND SIZES – formulated with five different extracts and powders ingredients, like hemp oil, chamomile and passion flower extracts, this treats are effective but more importantly safe and healthy supplement. No chemical relaxants or sedatives are used in this formula. Suitable for dogs of breeds and sizes.
MODERATE AGGRESSIVE OR HYPERACTIVE BEHAVIOUR – dog’s aggressive behaviour like barking or growling, or hyperactive stolling or running is often caused by unfamiliar surrounding or stressful activity (like a visit to a veterinarian or car ride), and our calming treats can be used to keep your dog calm and composed even in the most stressful moments.
A TREAT WITH DELICIOUS FLAVOR – even the best supplement won’t be any good if the dog won’t eat it, so we added natural bacon flavoring to our treats, so even a picky eater will love it.
MADE IN THE USA. HEALTHY, SAFE, EFFECTIVE – these calming hemp chews are made in the USA, with USA grown and processed ingredient. Treats contain absolutely NO sugar, dairy, corn or soy-derived products, no hormones, no artificial flavoring or preservative

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