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For someone not so familiar, why are terpenes beneficial to have in your products?

Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds in plants that are responsible for their unique scents, tastes, and therapeutic benefits. For instance, they give plants like lavender, pine, and lemons their strong and soothing aromas while providing protection against bacteria, fungus, insects, and other environmental stressors. 

In the hemp plant, terpenes work synergistically with CBD (and other cannabinoids), boosting and modulating the effects of one another in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). We like to think of them as the steering wheel to a CBD vehicle: driving their therapeutic effects towards benefits like focus, skin repair and restoration, or helping one’s mood. 

What makes our products so special is that terpenes are typically burned off quickly under normal distillation and extraction processes. Not only do we go way further in our subcritical extraction method to preserve them, but we also add them back in after distillation. To date, we’re the only company doing this and it’s all done organically. 

What was it like bringing Plant Love to life considering your backgrounds in the cannabis industry and in the medical field?

With our team’s diverse backgrounds, we saw the need to grow awareness, gain trust, and overcome possible misconceptions about the industry. 

In regards to the cannabis industry, we’ve seen so many claims that are completely false—and after growing the plant for years, we’ve learned the right ways to grow a clean product with higher yields and CBD value. This has given us a whole new understanding of what the plant is capable of doing versus plants that are not grown in clean conditions… and starting at the farm is such a big deal. We’re trying to bring the purest, most highly concentrated CBD to the market. Essentially, we really are farm-to-table.

In regards to the medical field, we realized the frustrations that patients would experience with their options in Western Medicine. We wanted to provide alternative means of wellness with a unique product that is truly beneficial for balancing a variety of areas. Hemp is a bioaccumulator; it absorbs whatever you put into it. If it’s pulling toxins and heavy metals from the soil it is planted in, then it can lead to poor quality and toxin levels in the plant itself. This is why it’s so important to grow hemp properly and craft the best products for our customers to reach optimal health. The balance of health and wellness is a delicate one, and everything we put into our bodies impacts our ability to feel good. 

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