Purity Hemp Company becomes first CBD company to partner with PCA

Cannabinoid company Purity Hemp Company has agreed to a two-year partnership with the Professional Cricketers’ Association (PCA) and its charity to supply members with CBD products.

The CBD products, which are naturally sourced from the hemp plant, has been reported to help speed up muscle recovery and optimise the overall heath and well-being for athletes.

“Our strategy has focussed on the science and the medical evidence that premium cannabinoids can have on our physical and mental health,” CEO of Purity Hemp Company, Michael Walker, said.

“We have shared the results with elite and professional governing bodies across sport and continue to work with leading medical authorities to help treat and advance our understanding of natural health benefits derived from this plant.”

As well as the partnership programme, Purity Hemp Company will begin to develop case studies with cricket players to understand how CBD can impact muscle and body recovery.

Chairman of the Professional Cricketers’ Trust, the PCA’s charity, David Ford said: “If we can introduce products that can safely make a positive impact on the health and wellness of our members, then it is our duty to do so.”

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