Rare Cannabinoid Adds New Extra Strength 3000mg CBD Booster

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Rare Cannabinoid Company, the renowned manufacturer of THCV Tinctures, has released new high-strength hemp 3000mg booster. Cherished for its THCV Tinctures, Rare Cannabinoid Company’s product line includes full-spectrum Hawaiian CBD oils, THCV, CBC, CBN, and CBG.

Every cannabinoid compound has its unique physical and mental benefits, and Rare Cannabinoid Company knows that. That’s why they introduced the Apothecary line, allowing CBD users to blend and match cannabinoids to create customized blends that boost wellness, energy, appetite control, and sleep.

This high-dose CBD booster packs 3000mg cannabinoid quantity in MCT coconut oil, and it’s offered alongside a measured glass dropper to boost dosing precision. The full dropper is 100mg, and every drop of the oil contains 2.5mg CBD.

Sold at only $99, the oil is competitively priced. Considering the company offers a 15% discount on subscriptions and free shipping to customers in the United States, you’re getting value for money.

Alongside the 3000mg hemp booster, the company has introduced a 1000mg full-spectrum CBD-infused rich Hawaiian hemp sold at $79, a 500mg full-spectrum Hawaiian CBD, and 500mg CBG each sold at $49.

Jared Dalgamouni, the CEO and founder of Rare Cannabinoid Company, says the company aims to make all its products accessible to target clients. Cannabinoids’ value is derived when you use the right quantity, and that’s why the company aims at offering customized options for enhanced wellness.

CBD has been trending globally, but some people are yet to learn more advanced cannabinoids such as hemp. Rare Cannabinoid Company has enjoyed impressive sales with its THCV and CBD products. THCV has amazing appetite suppressing, uplifting, and stimulating properties.

Recently, the renowned global cannabis information site Leafy issued an article detailing THCV’s benefits in curbing appetite. Backed by tons of scientific studies, the articles supported THCV’s effectiveness in reducing hunger. This cannabinoid works just like pharmaceutical anti-obesity drugs but without triggering severe side effects. As it curbs appetite, THCV can enable you to lose weight while keeping you safe from type 2 diabetes extremism. The article recommends Rare Cannabinoid Company as the ultimate source of high-quality THCV. Also, featured products from Rare Cannabinoid, included CBC, CBN, and CBG.

THCV is a potent daytime cannabinoid, and CBN is a powerful sleep booster and relaxer. Steep Hill laborites compared CBN for sleep to pharmaceutical diazepam, boasting notable inflammation and pain-relieving properties.

CBG is scientifically proven to be a superior wellness cannabinoid ideal for fighting bacteria, aiding Parkinson’s Alzheimer’s, inflammation, and aiding dementias. Recently, it’s being researched to confirm whether it can help in fighting cancer.

CBC is considered an effective mood regulator and a powerful, healthy skin booster with superior anti-inflammatory properties.

Rare Cannabinoid Company offers Ready and Apothecary Blends

Its Apothecary products consist of 500mg rare cannabinoid and can be mixed and match the user’s broad or full-spectrum oil needs. Alongside the Rare Hawaiian CBD, these spectrum cannabinoids are beneficial and reliable.

Ready blends contain 250mg full-spectrum and 250mg rare cannabinoid and deliver an excellent effect.

The newest products contain 3000mg CBD and are known to be very useful for boosters. The products produced and sold by Rare Cannabinoid contain high amounts of quantifiable cannabinoids. The company has always strived to ensure transparency in product creation and ingredient selection. Rare Cannabinoid Company still lists all its lab reports and ingredients alongside links to the newest research on different cannabinoid benefits.

During this pandemic period, the range of cannabinoids extraction and research would increase, leading to more high-quality CBD products.

As Hawaiian Choice’s sister brand, Rare Cannabinoid Company has topped the list of the brands that have never relented in providing broad-spectrum CBD products infused with organic, honey, essential oils, and wilds-sourced tropical fruits. The products from this company can be bought from over 150 stores throughout Japan and New York.

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