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The numbers are overwhelming. According to the World Health Organization, through March 25, there were 126 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 and more than 2.7 million deaths worldwide. While unfathomable at the start of 2020, those grim statistics don’t tell the whole story of the pain caused by the pandemic. 
The ensuing global recession forced millions out of work, many of them permanently, leaving economically-vulnerable consumers around the world. At the same time, the pandemic confined people to their homes for days, weeks, months and now, more than a year in some places. When people are prohibited from seeing family and friends, attending religious services, or partaking in cultural or sporting events, their mental health can suffer.
According to the public-health organizations such as the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the WHO, global mental health is languishing. According to a UN report, “Mental health consequences are likely to be present for longer and peak later than the actual pandemic.”

Clearly, coronavirus is having an impact on just about everybody, and nearly everyone is seeking ways to alleviate stress, including Kelsey Kennedy, founder of Blossom & Stone, who worked in the fitness and wellness industry for more than a decade as a trainer. And in 2012 she opened a boutique barre fitness studio. Of course, starting a business is stressful and Kennedy tried mediation, reiki and acupuncture to help combat her anxiety.
“All of these worked, but I wanted to also work with something that was easy to incorporate into my daily routine,” she explained.
That something was CBD; shortly after discovering the benefits of cannabidiol, Kennedy started studying crystal healing, and in the process, she recognized how both “come from Mother Nature and have amazing healing

Kelsey Kennedy
properties. I just thought they would be a perfect pair.”
Kennedy describes Blossom & Stone CBD oil as pure and simple. Each 1oz bottle contains 500mg of CBD isolate, along with a touch of lemon verbena for a light, fresh taste that is said to activate the senses. According to


Kennedy, the main difference between Blossom & Stone and other CBD products on the market is that Blossom & Stone is a small business that bottles in small batches.
“Since we aren’t holding mass(ive) amounts of product, it means our product is fresher when it reaches our customers,” she said.
As for the stone part of the company’s story, Blossom & Stone incorporates rose quartz into all of its products. It has the power to sooth the hurt of loss, align desire with pure intent and even act as a “force field” to keep the good energy in and the bad energy out, according to company literature. 
After last year, everyone can do without bad energy and with 2020 finally in the rearview mirror, Kennedy is expanding Blossom & Stone into  health and wellness as well as skin care. Currently all products are available on the company’s website, Each month, Blossom & Stone donates 10% from the sale of all purchases to a charity. For example, this month donations are earmarked for the American Civil Liberties Union.
According to Kennedy, daily ritual is a cornerstone coping with stress. 
“The Blossom & Stone consumer is for anyone looking to create a self-empowering daily ritual to ease anxiety and stress with help from Mother Nature,” explained Kennedy.

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