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The best CBD products to try right now

28 January 2021


CBD has caught the attention of both medical researchers and the general public over the last few years, quickly becoming one of the most discussed natural supplements on the market.

There have been many studies focusing on the potential health benefits of CBD and whether it should be used as a regular supplement. While many of these studies are ongoing, it has still managed to catch people’s eye. People are increasingly looking to try supplements for themselves, but which products are best?

One of CBD’s massive selling points over many other natural supplements is that it can be consumed in such a wide range of different ways. From oil drops to infused bath bombs, it is one of the easiest supplements to fit into a daily routine.

So, where can the best CBD products be found?

Cookies: CBDfx

What better way to work a little CBD into the day than by combining it with everyone’s favourite snack? Packed with 20mg of rich CBD, 13g of protein and made from a vegan-friendly recipe, CBDfx’s protein cookies almost sound too good to be true.

Cookies are a great solution for anyone who struggles to stick to a consistent CBD routine with more traditional products such as oil drops and capsules. With three delicious flavours to choose from, adding CBD into a diet could not be easier. Who doesn’t enjoy a cookie to help them through the afternoon?

Flavour options include chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and peanut butter, ensuring that there is an option to suit every mood.

Bath bombs: Extract Labs

Bath bombs are one of the newest trends within the CBD industry, offering a way to soak up a healthy dose while also enjoying a little relaxation. Many different websites, like WayofLeaf, have a number of helpful articles that discuss the potential benefits of switching regular bath bombs for those infused with CBD.

Bath bombs come in many different options, each offering a slightly different twist that makes them distinct from one another.

Extract Labs’ bath bombs stand out due to their luxurious feel and ability to pack more than just CBD and a calming aroma into each bath bomb. Extract Labs uses real gemstones, herbs, flower petals and more to make its bath bombs a spa-like experience.

Each bath bomb contains 100mg of pure CBD isolate, made using 100% natural ingredients. The blend with natural herbs and essential oils helps to create a sense of therapeutic calmness throughout the entire room.

Infused water: Love Hemp

Love Hemp’s infused water is the ultimate convenient CBD solution. Many brands have created unique and fun ways to work CBD into the day in the hopes of making it easier to stick to a consistent intake. However, these are not always effective.

Love Hemp has done something slightly different, however, by infusing a product that everyones uses every single day with CBD. Discrete, simple and something that most are almost guaranteed to work into a daily routine, Love Hemp’s water is ideal for anyone who struggles to incorporate CBD into their diet consistently. By swapping out regular water bottle for a bottle of Love Hemp’s water, it’s easy to make sure that the body gets the CBD that it needs with minimal effort.

Each 500ml bottle of water contains 2mg of THC-free, CBD-rich hemp extract so that it’s easy to stay hydrated and healthy all day long.

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