The Breakaway Bar – All-in-1 Mens Shampoo Bar – Fortify Skins Glow & Stimulate Scalp w/Rich Lathering Body Wash Shaving Cream Soap for Men – Hemp, Shea, Tea Tree, Aloe – Irresistible Pamplemousse

Price: $14.95
(as of Sep 07,2020 09:41:10 UTC – Details)

Product Description

The Breakaway Bar – Mans Formula


3 for Home, 2 to Hit the Road

CALLING ALL MEN WHO AREN’T AFRAID to look good, smell good and care about your Mother (Nature, that is…)

This single, beefy block of 5 pre-segmented mens soap bars ups your game and saves you a bundle while dramatically reducing packaging waste.

Shower. Shampoo. Shave. Success.


A Real Problem Solver

Proprietary, balancing blend of shea butter, tea tree, hemp seed oil, aloe vera, fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants really get in there and make light work of otherwise troublesome issues…

Reduces itch
Fortifies skin
Combats flakiness
Bolsters youthful glow
Moisturizes and conditions
Stimulate scalp follicles

travel soap

travel soap

shave soap

shave soap

shave soap

shave soap



Zero Annoying Bits – Makes Even More

Tired of throwing those soap scraps in the waste receptacle? Us too.

The Breakaway Bar doesn’t just make life easier at home on the road, this unique formulation actually recombines into yet ANOTHER amazing body wash bar. Simply pop the bits in a bowl, heat in the microwave, and watch as those otherwise wasted bits turn into another travel soap bar.

A Message from the Ladies – We Actually Like This Scent

Could the real men please stand up?

Listen up men.

We can smell “fake” from a mile away.

And we’re tired of feeling overwhelmed by those ridiculously noxious “cedar chip” guys.

The Breakaway Bar Team did a wonderful job of crafting a scent we ACTUALLY LOVE – it’s refreshing yet sultry, bright and alluring.

It’s called Pamplemousse (that’s French for Grapefruit), and it makes us want to stand by you.

So if you care about smelling like a mans man, without overwhelming the ladies…you know what to do.

Rich Lather – Perfect for a Clean, Close Shave or Beard Maintenance

Sport a beard today. Shave tomorrow. Look great either way.

Ultra-rich, moisturizing lather sinks deep within your dermis AND hair follicles, nourishing, rejuvenating and stimulating growth.

Because even John Wayne took good care of his skin.

Made in the USA

You’re doing well by doing good. Keeping jobs here. Keeping families stable. Boosting the economy. And making sure our oceans don’t fill up with even more plastic junk.

Good for you man. Good for you.

WORKS INTO RICH CONDITIONING LATHER that stimulates scalp, fortifies skins glow, combats flakiness, reduces itch, then RINSES ULTRA-CLEAN with powerful blend of shea butter, tea tree oil, hemp seed oil, aloe vera and NON-DRYING vegetable glycerin. The ultimate mens shaving cream, bar none.
ALLURING MANLY SCENT – SCIENCE SHOWS the ladies like men who smell fresh, citrusy and clean, not like they rolled in fake cedar chips, so we made this mens body wash bar using natural Pamplemousse (that’s French for Grapefruit). Get it, she’ll appreciate you.
ZERO WASTED BITS – 3 for HOME, 2 FOR ADVENTURE: Just break off the big antifungal shampoo for your home shower and use the 2 small travel soap bars for a refreshing natural face scrub on the road. Annoying bits? Pop them in the microwave to create a whole new bar.
MADE-IN-THE-USA – 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Try it 30 days, risk, free on us. Love everything about it – the packages, the rich lather, the intoxicatingly refreshing scent, and how it spruces you up from head to toe, or your money back – no questions asked.

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