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DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / March 12, 2021 / It’s the middle of a recession, yet Canna Cafe is expanding. “We’re opening our third location this Saturday, March 13, in the prominent west-loop Chicago neighborhood,” Tiffani Piearson says, clearly happy. “There’s so much work to get done, but we’re really rolling forward. We’re looking forward to bringing something so great to the city in a time of such uncertainty. Canna Cafe will bring a lot of good into people’s lives.”

Tiffani is an investor, small business advocate, and cannabis entrepreneur who believes deeply in the benefits of cannabis, especially when hemp, a variety of cannabis, is infused in food. She is passionate about her industry and about the health benefits cannabis provides.

“Canna Cafe is not your regular cafe,” she says, smiling. “We serve healthy menu items that are infused with hemp or topped with some of the most delicious hemp ingredients. If you’re looking for something different to try, check out our vegan menu or non-vegan, gluten-free menu. The drinks are amazing. I swear you’ll love them! In fact, our food and service are so good that we’ve been able to keep our five-star rating. Canna Cafe, as I’m sure you know, is unique, and our customers enjoy the benefits of hemp-derived ingredients through our healthy food, drinks, and snacks. While most companies focus on oils, we wanted to introduce something with a great taste but that would still be beneficial. We have options that accommodate anyone.”

Canna Cafe began in 2013 in California. Tiffani was still raising her children at the time. “Of course, we all know that California is friendly to cannabis,” she says. “I did some research and learned about the numerous health benefits of the plant, and I found a grower in 2015. The farm bill passed in 2018, and that’s when I really saw a chance to advance to the next level in the industry. Then, however, I had to delay my plans for a year due to a high-risk pregnancy. In 2019, I jumped back into my plans, and I hit the ground running. I secured our first location, including city and federal licensing, and I became one of the first Black women to be licensed for a hemp cafe. In only one year, we have expanded to three locations. Canna Cafe is on track to surpass all of my goals for it.”

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The pandemic has not slowed down her business. “Canna Cafe has managed to gross just under $700k in a matter of months despite the pandemic,” Tiffani says. “We did this even as we went through several shutdowns and paid bonuses to our employees.”

Like any good business owner, Tiffani always has one eye on the future. “I see us expanding to more locations and perhaps even taking on partners. The future of cannabis is now. It is a multi-billion dollar industry that is recession proof, so I believe Canna Cafe will only grow and become more profitable.”

One reason Canna Cafe has succeeded is because of Tiffani’s personal philosophy. “I ran into a lot of issues while I was getting my company going,” she said. “Everyone does when they start a business. There were the usual doubters, those people who didn’t believe in what I was doing, and I even encountered racism. I didn’t let any of that stop me, though. Canna Cafe was too important for me to get sidetracked. Instead, I remembered what I always tell people: you’re only as big as you see yourself. I kept telling myself that how I saw myself was vital to success, and that kept me going to the day I opened the doors to the first cafe.”

As Tiffani prepares for this weekend’s Chicago opening, she couldn’t be happier. “I am truly blessed to have attained the success I have. Canna Cafe has got a big future, and as the country opens up to cannabis, I think you’ll see everyone understanding why cannabis is actually very healthy and delicious.”

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