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Research about CBD’s Pain Relieving Properties

As per the research done by the National Centre for Biotechnology Information, almost 62% of the people who used CBD used it to treat a medical condition. As per the report, among all the different medical conditions, the top 3 medical conditions that CBD is largely used for is to treat pain, anxiety, and depression.

This shows that CBD has potential medicinal uses. The report further concluded that consumers are using CBD as therapy for multiple and diverse medical conditions and this option should be further explored to better understand the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Kevin Boehnke, Ph.D., Research Investigator in the Department Of Anaesthesiology, who is a part of the Chronic Pain and Fatigue Research Center at the University of Michigan, says “I think there’s definitely a lot of excitement about CBD & medical marijuana” 

He further adds “It’s always nice to have an extra tool in the toolbox, especially one that has been used for thousands of years and that people know to be relatively safe.” 

Given the optimism the medical fraternity and doctors have on CBD in treating pain, it makes sense to understand the origin of CBD better, its usage, and its impact on different forms of pain.

What Type of Pain-Related Diseases Can CBD Help With?

Based on the research and studies of doctors, CBD is being used to get relief from pain in many different ailments. A few of the ailments that you could use CBD for are;


As per Harvard Health, The Arthritis Foundation conducted a poll wherein it found 29% of people reported current usage of CBD, and 80% of the respondents had either used it, were using it, or were considering using it.

Some of the people, who used it, reported an improvement in relief from pain and stiffness. While lab tests are still being conducted on the effectiveness of CBD for dealing with arthritis pain, some of the lab studies have found CBD to be a promising approach.

Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects have been found in laboratory tests conducted on animals so far. No side-effects have also been noted during the tests conducted on the animals.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, unfortunately, affects a majority of the population at some stages in their life. While opioids are commonly used for pain relief they have many adverse effects and are even habit forming.

CBD is proposed as a better pain relieving alternative since it has been found to be more effective and also has a better safety profile.

In a research conducted among a sample of 131 patients, over half (53%) of the chronic pain patients reduced or eliminated the use of opioids, after using CBD. The majority of the users (94%) also experienced a better quality of life.

This research proves that CBD can be used effectively to combat chronic pain, reduce opioid use, and also get a better quality of sleep.


Migraine apart from being a very painful condition is also the reason for stress and anxiety among patients who suffer from it. Tests conducted earlier using a combination of CBD and THC have found that people who use this combination could get relief from migraines and also be able to manage their pain better.

In cases where patients were given a 200 mg dose of the combination, the acute pain experienced by patients reduced by as much as 55%. The frequency of migraine attacks also fell by 40%.

Given these results, one can consider the usage of CBD in case one is suffering from migraines.

Cancer Treatment

The effects and treatment of cancer are both painful for those who are suffering from cancer, due to which opioids are often prescribed to them as a pain reliever. CBD can be used to relieve the pain people feel due to cancer and its treatment.

The National Cancer Institute also recommends the usage of CBD for reducing the effects of cancer treatment chemotherapy sessions such as pain, vomiting, and lack of appetite among patients.

Using CBD in a spray format has also been found to be effective in getting relief from pain, as compared to just using opioids.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is an autoimmune disease that affects the entire body in patients through the nerves and brain. People affected by MS face muscle spasms which can be very painful and hard to bear.

The usage of CBD oil can help reduce the levels of spasticity a person experiences due to MS, thereby helping them get relief from the same.

Given the different ailments that CBD can be used to get pain relief in, it is worth exploring its usage in different forms to benefit people. It is also advisable, to know more about CBD and the forms that it can be used so that its dosage and effectiveness can be planned accordingly.

Before we start using CBD and exploring its usage more in-depth let’s also understand more about its origins and how it is extracted.

How does CBD work?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is primarily responsible for the sensations like pain that the body experiences. The ECS receives signals from different cannabinoids and even those that the body produces through different receptors. When CBD is used, it influences the body to use its own cannabinoids more effectively towards combating pain.

It also stops the body from absorbing anandamide, thereby increasing the levels of anandamide in the bloodstream, which reduces the amount of pain a person feels.

CBD also helps in reducing the inflammation of the nerves, giving people relief from pain in the process.

Unlike THC CBD does not have any psychotic side effects nor is it addictive, which makes it an ideal supplement for those looking at getting relief from pain and managing their pain-related ailments better.

How to use CBD to Reduce Pain?

While the effectiveness of using CBD for pain relief is well known and acknowledged, it is also important to know the best form of CBD to use for pain so that you get faster and more effective results.

Using CBD is not a one-time exercise, but something you may start using gradually as you start experiencing its benefits. That’s why it’s important to select the product form you will be more comfortable using over long periods.

Your usage of CBD ultimately depends on the method you are most comfortable using and the duration of pain relief you get from it. It also depends on your dose size and how often you use it.

Ways of Delivery and how does it work: 

#1 Oral 

One of the most common ways to use CBD is through oral methods such as oils, powders, tinctures, capsules, and edibles, etc. In this method, the CBD capsules or powder are swallowed with a glass of water. Once they reach the digestive tract, they are absorbed by the body through the bloodstream.

The effects of CBD, by using this method usually range from 1 to 6 hours, based on the dosage. While the effects may take time to show, their long-lasting effects more than make up for the delay in providing relief.

This is an ideal method for those who are comfortable in using oral supplements and are looking to use CBD for a longer duration. Do remember that food affects the body’s ability to absorb CBD.

If you have eaten a meal before taking your CBD dose, you will notice a higher and faster effect. Foods rich in oil and fats can increase the amount of CBD in your bloodstream by three times.

#2 Oral Sublingual

An ideal method, for people who are looking for fast and immediate relief from pain while using CBD. In this method, CBD oil or tinctures are placed below the tongue near the capillaries. Through this method, CBD gets directly absorbed by the bloodstream bypassing the entire slow reacting digestion process.

The effects of CBD by using this method are usually felt for 0.5 to 5 hours. Interestingly, the amount of CBD ingested by using a spray has a 5x effect, if you have eaten a meal recently, since chewing food increases the presence of blood in the mouth, leading to faster and direct absorption.

Experts recommend keeping the CBD oil in your mouth for 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing it, to give more time for the CBD oil to get absorbed directly by the capillaries in your mouth. You can also increase the absorption by swishing the oil around your mouth, similar to gargling.

Do try this method if you are suffering from acute pain and are looking for faster relief, though not all people may find this method suitable or palatable.

#3 Inhalation

Vape pens are used in this method, to inhale the CBD and let it mingle with your bloodstream after they pass through your lungs. While this is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD, the period of the effect is also short with peak bloodstream effects being felt within 10 minutes.

A preferred method by people, who are looking for using CBD without ingesting it orally.

#4 Topical

Creams and lotions are made from CBD for direct application to the muscles, inflamed areas, and the areas you are experiencing pain. While the results may be effective, they may not be very long-lasting since the CBD does not enter the bloodstream through these methods.

CBD creams and lotions are becoming popular among people who are looking for temporary relief from pain in specific body areas only.

CBD Dosage: How to Dose for Pain?

While problems can be addressed by buying trusted and reputed brands, there is still one major problem when it comes to buying and using CBD, and that is the dosage one must use to get the best and fastest relief from their pain problems.

The pain people experience may vary in its intensity due to the different causes of pain, the affected areas, and for how long it has been affecting them. Apart from these factors, individuals differ in terms of age, height, weight, and lifestyle due to which their prescriptions differ and so does the dosage of their medicines.

Given such variations, it may not be possible to specify the amount and frequency of CBD dosage to be given to every individual so that they may get relief from the pain they are suffering from.

What also makes the task difficult is the different formats that CBD is available in such as oils, capsules, edibles, sprays, and tinctures with each having specific concentrations of CBD in-built in them.

Each of these methods has a different way of reacting with the body and the period they are effective for, which is what also makes selecting the right dosage difficult.

To help you consider the right dosage of CBD for you, we share a few pointers and tips, that will help you buy the right dosage for you and experience its benefits.

Seek Expert Consultation

As mentioned, every individual planning to use CBD for pain relief is different in terms of his age, height, and weight, etc. Apart from these, you may be having different health issues, with even the reasons for you experiencing pain being different from others.

Your BMI, the specific health issues you have, and the medications you are presently taking can be a top factor in deciding the amount of CBD you can safely consume as well as the frequency of your dosage.

These are the primary reasons you should consider the expert opinion of a medically qualified expert, to assist you with your CBD consumption.

Dr. Patel who has authored the book The CBD Solution says “I wouldn’t recommend starting CBD without the supervision of a physician.” She further adds “Many times people purchase a CBD product, try a dose that doesn’t work for them, switch products and spin their wheels. Or, worse, they develop side effects.”

You could ask your local physician for a recommendation or look up one from the local medical directory to assist you with finding a medical expert experienced in CBD and then seek his advice, to check the dosage and frequency best suitable for you.

Be flexible in the first few days

Your body’s metabolism and how quickly it digests and absorbs the CBD if consumed in capsule or oil form is also a very important factor in your experiencing the desired results within the expected period.

So though you may have a fixed prescription given to you by the medical expert, you may sometimes not experience the desired results as expected or may even experience some side effects.

In such scenarios, it is advisable to change and either increase or decrease your dosage in small amounts, till you get the results as have been discussed with your medical practitioner.

How long does it take for CBD Oil to work?

Given the fact that everybody’s pain-related issues are different and so is their metabolism, it may be some time till you start experiencing the benefits of CBD, though some people may experience it immediately based on the product and dosage they use.

From all the different methods placing CBD oil or tinctures under the tongue is the fastest, while capsules and other edibles may take some more time to show the results, while the CBD gets digested and infused with the bloodstream. The results in such scenarios could be within 30 minutes to an hour.

If one does not experience the benefits immediately you may need to be patient and wait for it to react with your body. In some severe and acute pain cases, it may even take up to 8 weeks for the results to show. Just trust your medical expert and keep following the dosage recommended by him.

Does CBD have Side Effects?

One thing to be noted is that not all people may experience side effects or the same side effects since it would depend on our health conditions, age, and the metabolism of our body.

Some of the side effects you should keep a watch out for while using CBD are;

Changes in our mood. We could become more calm and relaxed in our approach to everything.
Changes in appetite. One may start consuming more or less food, depending on the effects of CBD on the body.
Drowsiness & Sleepiness
Dry mouth feeling
Nausea & Vomiting

In case you experience any of the symptoms immediately or after some time of consuming CBD products, it would be advisable to consult with your medical expert and follow the steps prescribed by him to overcome the side effects. Adequate care should be taken to not exceed both the dosage size and frequency, without any professional advice.

Conclusion: Which CBD Oil for Pain Should You Choose?

Fab CBD is voted the best CBD oil for pain based on our survey, research, and personal experiences. However, there are plenty of other choices in the market, we still recommend Fab CBD a bit more.

You can read all the reviews you want, but the truth is that CBD affects everyone in a different way. And you can never tell how it’s going to feel for you unless you do it yourself.

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