Turmeric Ginger Tea Organic Herbs 18 Bleach Free Tea Bags (2 Pack)

Price: $13.97
(as of Sep 04,2020 07:05:16 UTC – Details)

The Perfect Blend of Indian Spices If you are a tea enthusiast in search of something different, turmeric ginger tea is a perfect choice for adding some variety to your tea-drinking habits. This tea is crafted from two traditional Indian spices, ginger and turmeric, freshly brewed into a deliciously warm and aromatic blend. Ginger and turmeric both come from their plants’ rhizome (root), dried out and ground into a powder. Ginger is known for its sharp flavor and heat, adding an extra kick to many Asian dishes, while turmeric is often used to provide both flavor and dynamic color to curry. With thousands of years of use, these spices have been carefully blended and balanced to perfection, creating a dynamic flavor experience in every sip. A freshly brewed cup of our turmeric ginger tea offers a stimulating and satisfying flavor and aroma that goes well with a meal or an afternoon snack. Buddha Teas presents you with chemical-free organic turmeric ginger tea that has been neatly packaged in bleach-free tea bags.

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