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Hemp-derived products have been rapidly gaining popularity, in fact, a survey reported 86% of Americans have already heard about hemp and CBD products. A range of products can be found ranging from lotions, to oils, creams, edibles and more allowing people to enjoy the herbal benefits of hemp in just about any form. One of the most popular forms of CBD consumption comes in the form of hemp gummies thanks to their easy-to-use, familiar format, large selection of tasty flavors and variety of formulations that support a number of health benefits

Hemp Gummies Explained

To get started, you should first understand what ‘hemp’ is. Hemp is a species of the cannabis plant and was made legal with the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. Hemp is used for a variety of agricultural needs and is the species of cannabis used to produce hemp-derived CBD products. Marijuana is another form of cannabis and is the one known for creating psychoactive effects or a ‘high’. Both plants contain CBD and other cannabinoids, but marijuana plants have higher levels of THC (more than 0.3 percent), while hemp has lower levels of THC (less than 0.3 percent). In other words, hemp gummies do not get you high, but contain other valuable cannabinoids and wellness properties and have soared in popularity. 

Hemp gummies have become a popular method of consuming hemp for the following reasons:

1) Ease of Use

Hemp gummies are familiar and convenient making them an easy addition to one’s existing wellness routine. They’re  also a good alternative for those who don’t enjoy taking pills, as you can first chew the tasty gummy before swallowing it. Additionally, the natural taste of CBD oil has a plant taste, infusing the CBD oil into a hemp gummy allows for a more indulgent and tasty way to enjoy the benefits of hemp-derived CBD.

2) Longer Lasting Effects

CBD gummies pass through the digestive system in the same manner as food does. Your intestinal tract breaks down the gummies, and tiny doses of CBD are then released into the bloodstream over the course of several hours, allowing for extended therapeutic effects.

3) Helps You To Sleep Better

Most people have trouble falling asleep or find themselves waking up throughout the night. Adding hemp gummies to your nighttime routine may help you relax and “turn off” your brain, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. CBD gummies for sleep have less side effects compared to many over the counterfeit medications that can be habit-forming. You can see a list of popular CBD gummies for sleep here.

4) Studies Show CBD Relieves Pain And Swelling

CBD has been shown to work as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant; it binds with receptors in your brain working to relieve pain, inflammation and lowering body temperature.

5) Shown to Reduce Anxiety And Depression

Cannabinoid (CBD), the main chemical compound from hemp has shown to be a useful treatment for anxiety in a clinical study. This is one of the main benefits promoting the CBD gummies popularity. 

Trying Hemp Gummies

Hemp gummies are a discreet and delicious way to introduce CBD gummies into your wellness routine. Of course, everyone is different and individual needs for CBD will vary by individual so it’s best to look for hemp gummies that support your reason for using CBD and to start with a low dose while you see how your body responds. You can also always consult your doctor on the best way to introduce CBD into your routine. When choosing where to buy hemp gummies, always look to buy from brands such as lunchboxalchemycbd.com that offer independent lab testing to verify the quality and accuracy of their product; this will ensure you’re getting a high quality product and the most out of your CBD experience.

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