What Are CBD Crystals and How to Use Them

It should not be a surprise to anyone that the popularity of CBD crystals and other similar products is tremendously growing. There are many products in the cannabis market that are becoming legal in more and more states, and while it is still uncertain when will they become legal nationwide, that is not that important if you are living in a state where there are no barriers for us to enjoy these commodities. It is a known fact that they can offer many advantages to us, health benefits being the most appreciated ones. But some people are not familiar with CBD crystals, so if you are already ready to look some of them up, then check out cbdcrystal.com, but if you would like to learn a bit more about what CBD crystals are and how to use them, then just continue reading.

These crystals are the genuine sort of CBD. They have small amounts of numerous cannabinoids, for example, Tetrahydrocannabinol. Furthermore, it is possible that they have terpenes as well, which is responsible for the scent of many plants, but those are other types. When it comes to crystals, it’s vital to remember that they only have CBD and nothing else. If you are wondering how they are produced, there are actually several methods. Most widely applied are condensation purification, CO2 removal, and solution removal. At this part of crystal production, they still have some other components, like THC. But that is not the end of their creation. Additional refinement is crucial to obtain pure CBD crystals, so that is what they are doing precisely.

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CBD crystals vs CBD oil

Now, when we know what CBD crystals are and how they are made, there are still some questions people need an answer to and first of all, are they superior to their oil counterparts? Well, in the end, that is a subjective question. A lot of people have stated that oils are more potent, in their opinion. It could be true that the lack of other cannabinoids is making crystals weaker in a way. But some are also reporting that they prefer crystals to different types of goods. That is because there are several improvements they have over oils. After all, we already mention they contain zero THC. That is only important if traces of THC in your blood could prove problematic for you, but it is one of the reasons why crystals are so amazing. Secondly, we can put them inside our food and drinks. And we can even dab them and utilize them with our vaping devices.

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What are the benefits

Another question that should be answered is what benefits do they actually give us? It should be noted that the examination of these substances has just begun. And that means that crystals, as one type of them, are also not investigated satisfactorily. Nevertheless, there are plenty of studies that show that they have many inherent health gains. Most famous are probably using them to help with anxiety and with pain. But there are actually many others, like helping with inflammation, raising our immunity, preventing vomiting, being a remedy for nausea, and many others. Have problems falling asleep or feeling down? People that were applying crystals reported beneficial influences in these areas as well. As of the moment, there is not enough indication to declare that oils or crystals are more helpful. But one thing is certain, both of them can assist us.

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How to use CBD crystals

The final question we need to think about is how do we use this incredible product? Since they are already fully prepared, there is no need for heat to animate them. One way you could use them is by combining them with meals. To do that, you will need some butter. After melting it, move the pot or a pan from the heat, and once the butter chills a little, add the crystals. There is no reason to wait more than a few minutes, so everything should be ready after only several minutes in total. If you are wondering about dosage, and if you are worried about how much butter should be used, it is not that much. Something like one gram of butter per ten mg of CBD should do the trick. Don’t forget to freeze it afterward though you want it nice and firm. Now, what you are going to make from that butter is totally up to you. You can bake whatever your heart desire.

Another pretty popular way to utilize crystals is called dabbing. By this, we mean heating it and vaporizing it before inhaling it with a piece of appropriate dabbing equipment. Now while this is similar to vaping, it is not precisely the same, and with vaping, the control over temperature is complete, so there is a point of combustion that is never reached. Now that didn’t sound too safe, but there is no reason to worry. While in the past, there could be some dangers of overheating that would lead to inhaling something that we definitely don’t want to inhale, it is different today. Modern equipment has come a long way and now offers control over temperature making it as safe as vaping. But if these ways don’t sound that intriguing to you, and you really prefer the oils, then rejoice. It is also possible to simply use crystals to make CBD oil. So if infusing purified CBD crystal into oil sounds interesting to you, just do it. One of the superiorities is that you can decide on the dosage of CBD in oil since you are brewing it yourself.

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The bottom line

As we have seen, there is nothing complicated about using CBD crystals, and there are several ways you can do so. Not the mention that they can provide many health benefits to everyone who uses them. There really isn’t any reason why you should try them out, and those interested in this type of product and those who like experimenting should definitely seek these crystals. We guarantee that there will be no regrets.

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