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What does CBD feel like?

9 November 2020


CBD is becoming a topic of interest for those who are conscious about their health – it has even attracted the attention of some healthcare professionals. It’s one of the main compounds found in the hemp plant. Various health benefits have been reported by the people using it. Some of the health benefits they have claimed include reducing anxiety, reducing pain and inflammation and improving sleep patterns.

There are two categories of plants: the infamous one starting with m contains a large percentage of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which has psychoactive properties. It also contains cannabidiol or CBD, but in a small proportion. On the other hand, hemp, which is also sometimes called industrial hemp, has a high percentage of it in it and a small amount of THC.


There are various cannabinoids (compounds) that exist in plants. But the two main compounds are THC and CBD which are known for their reported medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

The infamous m plant is the major source of THC, a psychoactive and intoxicating compound which may get its user high. Other than this there are claims that it has various health benefits such as pain relief, relief from depression, reduction of tumour size, treatment of PTSD and improving sleep patterns – and it’s said that the substance is an antioxidant as well.

Despite the potential negative effects of THC, it can purportedly be given in small doses to get potential health benefits without becoming high. Although people who are starting afresh may feel a little uncomfortable with prolonged use, eventually it is said that users will develop an immunity.

On the contrary, hemp plants are the major source of CBD, which also reportedly provides lots of health benefits, but it is nonintoxicating, meaning one can get all the benefits without the fear of getting high. The hemp plant also contains a small amount of THC, but the value is less than 0.3%.

CBD is claimed to have several positive health benefits, including the following:

It may help with relaxation

For people who are overthinking all the time and are unable to switch off their brains, CBD could be extremely helpful. It reportedly interacts with the brain in such a way that it produces a feeling of relaxation, which it is claimed could help improve sleep patterns and manage stress levels.

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It could help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and depression

Anxiety is a serious mental condition. CBD can reportedly help sufferers to overcome this problem so that they don’t feel overburdened in pressured situations.

It is claimed that the right amount of CBD can be really helpful for people suffering from depression. It reportedly improves one’s mood and people have said that it does not have side effects like many antidepressants. For people suffering from many mental disorders like PTSD and OCD, it has been said to be extremely helpful.

It may help in managing blood sugar levels

Diabetes is one of those modern-day problems affecting people in large numbers. Taking insulin injections can be painful for a lifetime. Here CBD could reportedly help to manage one’s blood sugar levels, thus making it a little bit easier to manage diabetes.

It may relieve nausea and improve appetite

It is claimed that CBD is extremely helpful when it comes to stomach disorders and that it can relieve the condition caused due to nausea. An improved stomach also increases appetite.

It may be helpful for people suffering from chronic pain and inflammation

Due to the alleged analgesic properties of CBD, it purportedly relieves people suffering from chronic pains like arthritis and migraine. It is also said that it can help manage general pains like a headache, menstrual cramps and sore muscles.

It may improve the condition of epilepsy and seizures

The regular consumption of CBD can reportedly reduce the frequency of seizures and show improvement in the number of seizures from hundreds to only a few per month.

Other than these, it has various other claimed health benefits such as improving the condition of people suffering from schizophrenia, fighting acne problems and helping people with continuous mood swings.

What does CBD feel like?

Till now we have seen that there are various health benefits of CBD, but the real question is, what effect does it produce when it enters the body?

Several patients and the consumers oclaim that it has a positive effect on them like a feeling of relaxation and calmness. But what exactly one is going to feel is dependent on various factors like what type is being used and the amount of it is consumed. It may also have varying effects on person to person.

As per the individual requirements of treatment, it may react differently. Different products may be useful in different health issues. For example, oil may be useful for sleep-related issues, and at the same time, the topical cream may feel more useful in relieving pain for a specific area.

The characteristics of an individual such as weight, diet, genetics, metabolism and other medications may also affect how CBD will effect an individual’s body. Not only the characteristics of the individual but also their medical condition and illness could define the effect in the body. Remember different products could be useful for different medical conditions.

A key point to remember

If one is already on medication they should consult a physician, as some of the medicines may interact with CBD and can cause some unexpected side effects. One should also avoid consuming alcohol during the use of CBD.

Final thoughts

Everyone feels the effect of CBD a little differently. If one has just started consuming it then they should be patient with it and wait for it to take effect. There are reportedly almost zero side effects. In any case, before starting the consumption one should do proper research and consult a physician. 

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