Where are all Holistic Veterinarians this Week?

By carter

Updated on September 18, 2020

We talk to pet parents all the time who are interested in helping their pets live a healthier life using a holistic approach. Depending on where you live though, finding a veterinarian with an integrated practice can be nearly impossible. 

Enter AHVMA!

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

On September 22 and 23, CBD Dog Health will be participating in the country’s largest meeting of integrative and holistic veterinarians, for their first ever digital summit! 

Education Veterinarians

Our founder, Angela Ardolino along with our chief veterinarian Dr. Zac Philossoph will be presenting a lecture to teach this unique group of holistic practitioners everything we can about the power of CBD and cannabis medicine!

If you have been following our #HealingNaturally journey, you may recognize some familiar faces on the roster of the event, including Dr. Gary Richter, Dr. Doug Kneuven and Dr. Trina Hazzah.

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Spreading the Word

As part of our commitment to educate both pet parents and veterinarians alike, we are so excited to announce that CBD Dog Health will be the lecture series “Integrating Cannabis into Cancer Treatment Protocol” by the marvellous Dr. Trina Hazzah!

Dr. Hazzah is a powerhouse in the veterinary cannabis space, specializing in the use of cannabis and CBD for the treatment of cancer at her practice in Los Angeles, where we met earlier this year during The Healing Naturally Tour!

Finding a Holistic Vet

If you have been struggling to find an integrative or holistic vet in your area, AHVMA may be a great resource for you! They have a comprehensive list on their website that will help you find practitioners in your area who specialize in the use of both eastern and western medical therapies.

Another great option for anybody who struggles to find a vet who can give advice on things like CBD, Cannabis and other holistic remedies is booking  an online consultation with holistic and veterinary cannabis experts!

Stay tuned for more stories about the AHVMA and our amazing network of holistic veterinarians! 


About Carter Easler

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Father of a bulldog, Moo, Carter is a life-long animal lover from Toronto, Canada currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. Growing up in a family of veterinarians, he grew up surrounded by animals. He had dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles — you name it, and Carter probably rescued it.

Carter’s passion for cannabis activism started when he was in high school. After learning about the senseless prohibition and incredible diversity of cannabis’s utility, he was inspired to get involved. When Carter met Angela, he was excited to learn that he could combine his passions: animals and cannabis.

Carter now travels North America to educate pet parents, retailers, and veterinarians about CBD. He is excited to bring his passion for pets to CBD Dog Health.

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